Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fred Thompson slipping in the polls

He made a couple of mistakes last week. That much is true.

He refused to consider an amendment banning abortion. Abortion is a moral issue best left out of the constitution, as is gay marriage. The last time the government tried to dictate morals, banning alcohol, it was overturned. It is not the government's responsibility to tell people what is right or wrong. Period. Now, the government CAN make sure there are certain requirements to be met to ensure the safety of a pregnant woman considering abortion such as board certified doctors, the right to privacy and such. The government's responsibility is to protect the country as a whole.

Then he made the off hand joke about having better things to do or something along those lines and The Guardian in the UK, of all places, took it to a new level. Obviously they don't understand southern dry humor. Now, as with Rush Limbaugh's debacle over phony soldiers, the press and the blogosphere has blown it all out of proportion the end result being a slip in the polls.

Which brings me to a couple of questions.

What is wrong with his campaign manager? Why aren't' they out and all over this? Let the man get on television and talk to the press. He's a big boy and has proven time and again he can handle tough questions. He explains himself quite well given the chance.

It's time to start playing those cards his team is holding close to their chests if they want to turn it around and win this thing. For heaven's sakes team Thompson, shake it up already!

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