Sunday, November 25, 2007

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Fred Thompson's War Against Terror

November 23rd interview with presidential candidate Fred Thompson. Transcript should be available soon for those of us who still have dial-up internet. Hat Tip Captain’s Quarters

Lebanon Has No President
The Lebanese army now has control of that country as they try to elect a new president. Hat tip Captains Quarters.

What Economic Downturn
Bad news for the economic doom and gloomers out there. Retail sales were UP on Black Friday. As a side note, the big name retail store I work in (Not WalMart) posted a 47% increase in sales this year over last on THANKSGIVING DAY and a 49% increase on Black Friday. I don’t know about Saturday and Sunday sales yet, but they’re going to be high too just judging from the volume of people inside the store at 6 a.m. this morning. Hat tip The Conservative Voice and my employer.

Australian PM John Howard is Out

Looks like our Australian ally John Howard is out and the liberal party aka labor party is in with Kevin Rudd. He looks frighteningly similar to John Edwards with that shiny face and perfect hair. I hope this isn’t some kind of trend.

Impeachment: Take 106 and Counting
The impeach somebody, anybody crowd is at it again. This time they even have fake mug shots of President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. Can someone please inform them that by the time any charges could possibly be brought against either man, they get lawyered up, and things get rolling there will be a new president sitting in the White house. There is nothing to even charge them with without taking with them the democrats who voted in their favor at the time war was declared. Why bother at this point? Anyone have some Tylenol? My head hurts after reading this tripe.

Get your own town
After reading all this insane stuff you might want to buy yourself your own town and hide from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the real estate market is less one such town. It went for 3.8 million dollars. On eBay no less.

Headless Blue Ox
Paul Bunyon’s fabled companion, Babe the Blue Ox, lost his head. Maybe there was something going on that we weren’t told about in all those tall tales?

Brave Turkeys

Fifteen turkeys visit Greenlawn, New York for Thanksgiving Day.

And that's all I have today folks. Have a great Sunday afternoon.

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