Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto

[Edit] Oh my how wrong I was. Looks like Huckabee stepped in it and continues to do the cow pie dance. Mike, Mike, Mike, Rule number one in politics is to shut the hell up when you get caught with the evidence on your shoe.

Let me remind you

Rule number one. Make a mistake, don't try to fix it beyond an "I'm sorry I said it like that." or something along those lines. In other words when you find yourself in that crater called mouth and you can taste the flavor of the sole of your shoe, stop, do not take out the shovel and dig deeper!

Rule number 2: If you want to win this thing, do not pick a fight with Rush Limbaugh. You want him on your side.

Rule number 3: If you find yourself in a tussle with Limbaugh, don't suggest he call you for an apology. Also refer back to number one.

Rule number 4: If you don't know anything about geography, get a map, or a globe, hell why not both, study it in your plane or tour bus before the next stop. Hey! Here's an idea, try the internet!

Rule number 5: If you want to be taken seriously, release a better family picture than the one you did. It screams country hick! (The Handsome Family) (Via Shoot The Messenger)
I was so very wrong about this little summation. Live and learn!

I took half a day off from blogging, talk radio, television, and life in general to just sleep in and relax a bit. Imagine my shock when I logged on to check email only to learn the first female Muslim leader, Benazir Bhutto, had been assassinated.

I thought to look for reactions from the presidential candidates themselves but stopped myself. They really aren't required to make a statement of any kind. You can give me the argument that their reactions are indicative of how they will govern as President. Why? Their words don't carry any weight in other countries because they aren't "THE" elected leader of the United States. That job still belongs to President Bush, like it or not.

I know several candidates did make a remark and were mediocre at best. Huckabee probably had the best response, as much as it pains me to say it. However, my argument still stands. They're not the elected representative of this country. They are elected representatives of the states they come from. They represent those people in the states that elected them.

It's all interesting to watch, but come next November, what was said about this particular assassination won't be a deciding factor in who wins the presidency

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