Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Keep your eyes on Fred Thompson. As they say 'still waters run deep.'

Mark Levin says he leans toward Fred Thompson.

Rush Limbaugh has called Fred Thompson the only clear conservative in the group of candidates.

Micheal Savage really really wants to lean toward Fred Thompson if only he'd be on his show.

Sean Hannity would like for the stop Hillary Express to back off and let her win the nomination so we can really play ball with her. And in my opinion, so we can joyfully stick a fork in her cos she's done.

I think, too, that Hucka-mania has about run its course as all the not-so-kosher stuff in his past starts to surface.

I'm hoping for a Thompson/Hunter ticket.

Tancredo, Hunter, and Paul need to get out of the race so we can see how it all shakes down.

There's my Fed updates for now.

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