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A little kid threatened to kill GW Bush in April or June. On video. I'm sure his parents are proud. Actually, from what I've seen of the now banned video, they probably recorded him as he went on about killing Bush so Barack Obama could take his place. Typical public school education didn't' bother to teach him Cheney would replace Bush. I'm sure that would go over well in his parent's home too. The video has since been banned from most of the sites where it was hosted.

I did find it on AOL. It may be banned by now, but here's the link.
This video has very strong language in it. This Kid Needs Help

Some of the comments I've seen from liberals regarding the video are just as disturbing. They seem to think this kid came up with his desire to see our President dead on his own. I doubt it. Kids learn to form opinions based on what they hear around them until they learn to think for themselves, though I do realize sometimes people never learn to think for themselves.

Where does a kid learn that kind of thinking? That kind of language? That kind of hatred? He learned it at home. He's heard adults wishing Bush dead. He's heard peers lauding Obama. He's heard every filthy word uttered from his mouth from the people around him.

His parents should be ashamed for teaching and encouraging that kind of filth. The adults around him should be ashamed that he thinks that way because they are his mentors. We, as a nation, should be ashamed that he attends our public school system and has no idea how our government works. THAT, dear readers, is why other nations make fun of us. They know our country's history better than we do. They know how our government operates better than we do. They also know it's simply a matter of time before kids like this little boy grow up to spread the hatred and ignorance displayed in this video. Our enemies don't have to attack us. All they have to do is sit back and wait for us to destroy ourselves from the inside out due to ignorance.


Trevor said...

You know why the public schools are in disarray? It's a little program called "No Child Left Behind". A program started by Bush. And other countries don't make fun of us because we don't know our history. They make fun of us because the U.S. is full of fat, warmongering people who think they're the world's police. They laugh at us too because we didn't learn a thing from Vietnam. Maybe one day your kids will realize that being pro-war and pro-life is unbelievably hypocritical.

Melissa said...

Trevor, you picked a really bad time to come on my blog. I suppose you know I"m going to disagree, so let's just start dissecting your argument.

NCLB is a good program, on the paper, once the teacher's union got hold of it and started adding on their Politically Correct, liberal driven agenda/ nonsense THAT is where NCLB went wrong.

Don't like what you see in your local government indoctrination camps, aka public school, thank your TEACHER'S UNION, Bush had nothing to do with that drivel.

Other countries certainly do make fun of our ignorance. Our enemies play on our sensibilities, our weaknesses, and play it well. Remember those pictures of the oh so innocent Palestinians holding the bodies of dead children and shouting those evil Israelis killed my child (nevermind they were faked...see LGF's archives and never mind the oh so sweet and innocent Palestinians were lobbing missiles at Israel from the homes of the innocents who died.

You want warmongering? I'll give you war mongering.

Do you think the muslims only decided to hate us when Bush was elected? This has gone on for centuries. Muslim against Christian, since time in memorium. Are you old enough to remember President Carter's fiasco with the Religion of Peace? How about the attacks on us during Clinton's term in office? Bush wasn't around then. If we're the only warmongering nation in the world why are the other countries involved in this? They didn't have to join us. They did it voluntarily.

Do you even understand that Islamofascists will only stop when the entire world is dominated by their seventh century laws? When every woman in the world is hidden behind a burqa and beaten into submission? When every man/woman in the world is executed for being gay and every teenage girl is hanged or stoned to death for kissing aboy who isn't her family or husband? Or wearing something that shows too much skin? Did you see the story about the woman who was gang raped, she was to be punished with 200 lashes, pretty much a death sentence, while the men who raped her only got a couple dozen lashes. What is your opinion on that?

What exactly were we supposed to learn from Vietnam? That it's okay to turn tail and run even when we're winning, and guess what Trevor, we WERE winnning that war. When we pulled out, it caused a blood bath. Our fault. Our eternal shame. Pat yourself on the back and thank a liberal for that.

Did our soldiers deserve to come home battered, bloodied, bruised, blind, amuptees only to be SPIT UPON? Do you think they deserved that? Should they have turned and run to Canada like cowards? Would that make you happy? Would you be saying "Hey that's our military and I'm so proud that they're cowards the world disrespects us so much and we deserve international hatred because we're rich fat lazy warmongerers...and I'm so ashamed for the way who's on SNL tonight, honey get me a beer, and order some pizza, I'm starved." (by the way girlie magazines and alcoholic beverages are forbidden in Islam as well)

Finally, I have no idea why you think my children should even consider acknowledging anything on your liberal agenda. They won't.

Let me tell you why. My boys are pro military because they believe their country is one hundred percent worth defending.

They are allowed to think for themselves. I don't raise cookie cutter puppets. See my blog header. "This country girl can think and speak for herself." My momma didn't raise a cookie cutter puppet either, nor did her mother. In fact, pretty much my entire family thinks for themselves...My boys think and speak for themselves too. Gotta problem with that?

Back to my boys, they believe in personal liberty with much less government interference. Do you have problem with that?

They believe that a nation that is a super power has an obligation to look out for people/nations who cannot defend themselves. I pretty much know you have a probelm with that.

They believe in the rights of all people, not just those fortunate enough to be born in the US, to be free to make their own decisions. Any problems there?

They believe in capitalism, does that bother you? They believe everyone, who is able, should earn their own living. Does that bother you?

They believe in the Fair Tax and abolishing the IRS. Does that bother you?

They believe in God.
They know the Pledge of Allegience, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Star Spangled Banner, the Lord's Prayer, Pledge to the Christian Flag and the Bible. Problem?

They believe in working hard to get what you want and certainly do not expect the government to hand them anything.

They both handle fire arms and several other weapons and handle them quite well. Does that bother you? Too damn bad.

They attend a private christian school that I work two jobs to pay for.
They do housework, today they cleaned their rooms and their bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, and mowed the yard, also fed the 2 dogs, 2 birds, and cat, they also did their school work...all while my husband and I were at work. See anything wrong there? (There is no school on Friday where they attend school)

Every Saturday they get up at 6am to go to drill with the Young Marine Corps two hours from here. They then spend another 6 hours doing field and classroom exercises/drills. Show me another pre-teen who does that.

Pro-life, they believe that a child conceived in its mother's womb has every right to live and breathe. They also know that there are people out there who don't value human life. They know that there are nuts out there who think an animal's life is more important than human life. While they love their pets and would do anything to keep them from harm, they'd defend a human first while figuring out a way to save the animal too.

They know there may come a time when they are faced with a kill or be killed situation. Bet you can't guess which they'd chose if given the choice. I'll give you a hint, there are no heads stuck in the sand in this household.

They're only 12 and 10,but they are far ahead of their public schooled peers in the common sense arena.

Let me ask you something Trevor. Does warmongering equal having a strong military in your book? Who is going to defend your right to speak the way you like at anytime or any locaton of your choice if we all think like you? If there is no one policing the rest of the world, then who will? The government?

It's an old and worn out saying, but, if you don't stand with our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.

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