Thursday, May 8, 2008

Disturbing Insight, these kids will be old enough to vote in 3-5 years

While I was waiting for the accounting books I was supposed to be working on in the school's family room I noticed a notebook that belonged to one of the high school students had a Hillary for President sticker on it. It was an Economics class notebook.

I wasn't too surprised to learn that some of the students were for Hillary, because she's a girl, while others were for Obama because he's handsome. I'd heard them argue over lunch about the two like they were the latest contestants on American Idol.

What I was surprised at was the content of the notebook. Particularly her tests, and lack of class notes. None of the tests were above 50%. She was failing economics. When I started looking more closely at her answers, it became obvious why she was failing. She'd made comments in the space between or beside each answer she'd missed stating why she'd answered the way she did in the mistaken assumption that arguing her case would improve her score.

I was saddened to see that she felt that it was perfectly fine to take other people's hard earned wealth to give to the 'needy' because "people shouldn't be allowed to be rich"

She also felt that we should be happy to pay higher taxes to fund a welfare society because "it's the right thing to the poor." No wonder she was failing economics. She, as liberal, has no clue how economics works.

She also took liberties with the multiple choice answers, marking out parts of them to make her answers 'right' even though they weren't, because it suited her very liberal agenda (to the teacher's credit, he still marked them wrong).

After I got over my initial confusion, it occurred to me, that this girl didn't have a job, so it wasn't her paycheck she was talking about giving away. She was happily giving away mine because I don't deserve to have a job and be allegedly rich while there were poor people who don't have anything. She doesn't understand it isn't my fault there are people who don't' have anything. I work for minimum wage to put my kids through the school she attends. I also work for the school. I also run a small business on the afford gas and put my kids through private school.

This young lady hasn't had to watch a good chunk of her paycheck go to programs she will never benefit from like Social Security. I'm under no pretense that I'll ever see the funds taken from my check to social security, which seriously pisses me off and it makes me even madder when I hear people say we neeeeeeeeeeeeed to keep paying that in. Why? What makes you think there's some little account somewhere with your name on it indicating this is the money you've paid in from your paycheck all these years and you'll get it when you turn 65? It's gone, long long gone. The government wants you to continue to pay in your social security so they can continue funding illegal immigrants, and kids who have ten kids by ten different fathers.

The notebook girl hasn't had to pay one red cent out of her own pocket...yet. And when she does start paying I wonder if her tune will change or if she will happily say. "Y'know madam President, just take it all and give it to that poor little girl I keep seeing on television, she needs it more than I do."
Like that will ever happen.

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