Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hating America is trendy?

That was the crux of the conversation overheard on the local yokel talk radio station.

Here was the list of things that are trendy/fashionable before I became disgusted enough to change stations. I'm sure more fahionable things were added in my absence.

It's trendy to bash Bush.
It's trendy to hate America.
It's trendy to burn the American Flag.
It's trendy to vote for Obama.
It's trendy to say you want change.
It's trendy to want to look to Europe as a role model for the US.
It's trendy to want the govt to intervene in everything.
It's trendy to bash Christians.
It's trendy to be gay/lesbian for the shock value.
It's trendy to bash Conservatives.
It's trendy to bash family values.
It's trendy to talk trash about anyone and everyone.
It's trendy to accept what the latest polls say.
It's trendy to let someone else form your opinion for you.

I've never been a follow the trend kind of girl. I don't want to be a part of a trend/fashion statement to destroy the very foundation of this country.

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