Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Caller on Rush Limbaugh

I was listening to Rush today when a caller said one of the strangest things I've ever heard.

She wanted John McCain to state what church he was saved in and where he was baptized and when he first started speaking in tongues.

Politics aside, speaking in tongues? I know what that is. I've been present in various churches when such things have happened. Not all Christians believe in speaking in tongues. Catholics don't. Baptists don't. Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, and the list goes on... So, am I not a Christian because I have never spoken in tongues nor do I believe in it? I believe I am Christian. There is no requirement in the bible I read from that says I have to do so. It says that I am not to be ashamed of the son so that he will not be ashamed of me before his father. I am to spread his gospel. I am to believe in him. Have faith in him. And profess his name.

Sure, the disciples spoke in tongues when the holy spirit descended upon them. I am a firm believer that those 'tongues' were the languages of the multitudes of people present in the street that day, not some prophetic proof that those men were Christ's followers.

I attended a Church of God for a while. I know that if there is a message in 'tongues' then there is also someone present in the congregation who can translate. If there is no translation then a) the translator isn't present or is too shy to translate b)The person speaking in tongues may have been caught up in the moment.

At any rate, I'll guarantee you that if John McCain or Obama were to suddenly start speaking in tongues, their polling numbers will plummet and their chances of being elected will be non-existent. Just ask Howard Dean what happens when you get caught up in the excitement of the moment.

Faith is not an issue for me in deciding who I vote for as my President, unless the candidate is Muslim or Atheist. In which case, I certainly have serious reservations.


Perri Nelson said...

Faith is an issue for me in deciding who I vote for as my President, although which faith they adhere to is not. I believe that if a candidate is not a man (or woman) of faith that he cannot truly believe that our rights are unalienable and come to us from a higher power than government. A person that believes ultimately that our rights come from government is a person that will ultimately trample them.

As for speaking in tongues... I think your analysis is correct. When the disciples spoke in tongues, there were people present in the street that understood what they were saying and were amazed that they were glorifying God in their own language. A message in tongues might as well be so much gibberish if there is no one that can understand the language being spoken to whom that message is directed.

Toad734 said...

So you have more confidence in a guy who says he gets possessed by a spirit, speak jibberish no linguist can pin a language to than a guy who is a Muslim or doesn't believe in any form of mysticism at all??


Anonymous said...

I'd add that "speaking in tongues" (without getting in to what that means) is described as only one potential gift or charism of the Holy Spirit, and there are many gifts (or charisms) but only one Spirit. The others include tongues, interpretation of tongues, prophecy, faith, healing, miracles, wisdom, knowledge, discernment, and, Paul also describes celibacy and marriage as charisms. We know he has not done too hot with the marriage charism, but one hopes McCain has faith, wisdom, knowledge and discernment charisms! I could live without him speaking in tongues: I'll leave that to Obama!

Melissa said...

Hmmm, toad, I don't believe McCain has ever spoken in tongues.

I've heard Obama hmm, haw, stammer, stutter, umm and the like.

Interestingly enough, when Bush stumbles through a sentence he's considered stupid. So why is it Obama can get away with the same thing and still be considered smart?

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