Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gwatney's Death

Is being blamed on Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin. Get real. The man was unhinged because he lost his job so he went on a rampage. We haven't heard anything about political affiliation on his part. Besides that he allegedly was at the Arkansas State Baptist convention waving a gun around. Most conservatives in their right mind would never point a gun at a bunch of Christians, especially a preacher.

It looks to me that he was laid off from Gwatney Chevrolet and went looking for someone, anyone named Gwatney. Viola! There's a guy named Gwatney at the Democrat Headquarters. End of story. Perhaps the stop thru the state Baptist Convention was for a little talk with the man upstairs before continuing on his way? Who knows?

Instead, what we have tonight is a bunch of liberals out doing what liberals do best, accusing conservatives of being lunatics, criminals, or murderers. I even saw the term baby killer tossed in a comment thread directed at the evil, warmongering murdering, conservatives for good measure. Let me tell you, that just burns my biscuits!

I'm tired of conservatives being called baby killers when a child is accidentally killed in a firefight somewhere. Tell me then, liberals, what do you call yourselves will advocating partial birth abortions?

What are you calling yourselves when the aborted child is alive and breathing after it has been aborted and you vote to deny it medical care? (Obama, for instance)

If anyone out there is a baby killer it's you.

If anyone out there has ever wanted to spare a convicted murderer from death row for brutally raping and killing an innocent child, you've advocated his crime of taking a child's life deliberately. What more do you need to define baby killer by?

Killing a child by accident is exactly that, an accident.

Voting to deny medical care to a living breathing infant is murder.

Tossing out death sentences because the form of death *may* be inhumane is condoning the murder.

Picking up a gun and killing someone because you're angry is murder as well. I don't care what the reason is. I don't care what the political affiliation is, it's murder.

I've said it once, I'll say it again, no conservative talk show host loaded that gun, put in his hand, pointed him toward his victim and said go kill him because he's a liberal. I have never heard a conservative talk show host say go shoot liberals to death.

I have seen and heard and read about liberals advocating vile things, including assassinating the President, raping his wife and daughters. I even linked some down below in the hatred posts.

It's ridiculous to accuse us conservatives of doing the very things liberals encourage. Who's the more compassionate tonight? Send condolences to Mr. Gwatney's family, pray for his family, they need support not vile hate speech thinly veiled as 'freedom of speech' directed toward conservatives over a senseless murder.

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