Monday, September 15, 2008

Cintra Wilson's Disgusting Take on the Palin Nomination

"McCain's running mate is a Christian Stepford wife in a sexy librarian costume. Women, it's time to get furious."-- Cintra Wilson

Utter Filth

This is coming from a former juvenile delinquent high school drop out who specializes in spewing degrading, vile verbal attacks at I don't understand how she can call herself a 'journalist' while venting such utter filth or why anyone would take her seriously as such. I guess if you think like she does, then it's journalism?

Cintra, wash your mouth out with soap TWICE, then a third time for good measure. Then take a good look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: Do you really think anyone outside your readership really cares about what you have to say about Sarah Palin? Especially when uttering such degrading filth? If you could make your argument without resorting to the liberal version of the compassionate party, you might actually be able to make a valid argument. However, you have proven yourself incapable of anything beyond mindless yammering strewn with obscenities.

Your mother must be so proud.

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Perri Nelson said...

I read that article by Cintra Wilson. Thank you for only posting the clean excerpts from an article laden with F-bombs and other disgusting filth.

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