Monday, September 1, 2008

Democrats Rank Carter and Gore as Favorites


Ask Democrats which of their leaders they like (other than Barack and Hillary, of course) as they gather for their national convention in Denver, and Jimmy Carter and Al Gore lead the pack.--Rasmussen Reports

Fifty-three percent of Democratic voters have a Very Favorable view of former President Carter versus only seven percent (7%) who say their view of him is Very Unfavorable.

Al Gore, the party’s unsuccessful presidential candidate in 2000 who has reinvented himself as the prophet of global warming, is held in Very Favorable regard by half of Democrats (50%), while only six percent (6%) see him in a Very Unfavorable light. --Rasmussen Reports

This is obviously the under thirty crowd who don't have the memory of Carter that most of us do. And I don't want to go any further on Carter except to say Misery index, double digit inflation, double digit interest rates, double digit unemployment...all things we do not currently have, but will once Obama enacts his economics 'policies'.

Let's talk about Gore for a minute, other than his being vice president and then a failed presidential nominee, is that bit where his wife and he(to a lesser extent) led the crusade against 'satanic messages' hidden inside that demonic rock n roll music. Bet these kids who think he's just the absolute god of all that is green and organic have no idea that particular skeleton is in his closet. So, while you're out there banging your head to Linkin Park, or P Diddy (can you bang your head to P Diddy? [shrugs]), or Marilyn Manson on your Ipod (which is made with evil oil by products), thinking about the virtues of living green and enjoying the great music you're listening to, just remember, Al Gore is laughing his ass off, all the way to the bank, over your hook- line- and sinker stupidity.

On a side note enviro kiddies...OIL is an organic substance.

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