Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Question for Obama

I have a lot to say about the events of the past few days. Obama demands my attention.

McCain knows that he was elected to represent his state, Arizona, in the Senate, hence his title of SENATOR. He's going back to Washington to do what he's supposed to do. WORK. He is still a senator. He is still running for President. He is still putting COUNTRY FIRST.

You, SENATOR Obama, are showing your true colors here in demanding that he do two jobs at the same time. Divide his attention. Perhaps that's what your problem is. You're so focused on winning that you're willing to ignore your job. Perhaps you'd like to go long enough to be counted 'present' but unaccountable for a decision again?

Sometimes there are things so important that divided attention isn't good enough. Ever hear of UNDIVIDED ATTENTION? Perhaps you have become so good at finding ways of dividing things, like your party has managed to divide this country, that you think everything should be divided, including a crisis in the middle of campaign season?

Are you that hell bent on winning?


Wally Banners said...

Wow we got screwed as a Nation Today. I'll never vote for an incumbent again. My recommendations are dump your dollars and American stock. Take long positions in the Euro and ADR Receipts and forget about American investments for a while. Also start taking deductions on your Income Taxes. I always used to overpay, figuring, "aww let Uncle Sam have the extra cash".
Never again will I do that as its not Uncle Sam that gets the Money, its the Banks,Wall Street and Congress that take your tax dollars for their own use. We Need a Third National Party!

Melissa said...

:sighes: Who were your other choices the last election? Kerry and whomever the libertarians put up?

Bush didn't make up the bill or pass it. Congress and the Senate did. It's an election year and they had to find a way to save their collective asses. Find list of who was for the bailout and who was against it, take it to the polling booth with you and vote against them if they're up for re-election. Hell, vote for an unknown if you have to.

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