Sunday, October 19, 2008

Simple Observations

From a simple country girl

If the last 8 years of a Republican Presidency has been so miserable and oppressive and unfair to the common, middle class, and poor, then why was the alleged financial crisis of the last 2-3 weeks felt so deeply? Wouldn't the alleged great depression 2.0 have been felt all along?

It is my humble opinion that had President Gore or President Kerry, there would have only been a passing reference to any instability in the housing market. But how silly of me, under a liberal tax and spend socialist Democrat President there would be no poor, no homes foreclosed on, and no crisis of any kind because the world would love us and fawn at our feet and we would be loved and accepted and well on our way to being one nation under Islam because we deserve so much better. There would be no war, no disease and the infirm would be healed, no more special needs children or adults because the messiah and his cronies would take care of all that ails us! The earth will be healed! We will all have money and there would be no more evil rich! (Dear God, I need a shower after writing that drivel! And people actually believe this stuff. ewwwwwww!)

Drivel, it might be, but isn't that what Barack Obama has been promising? Just seek change and hope and all will be well because he will lead us out of the Bush wilderness.

Democrats, might I be so forward as to suggest 'you can't see the forest, in this case, the wilderness, for the trees'?

And on a side note: I actually heard the same old liberal song and dance routine "Republicans will take away social security!" mantra last night.

Come on people. Is that the best you can do? Your social security is gone, there's no account with your name on it that says "This is your money you paid in all these years." It's in some illegal immigrant's pocket or some lard ass's gut. It's gone and has been gone for years and you can check that federal I.O.U. in its place. It has Bill Clinton's signature on it.

All these years of that same old tired threat and you've yet to miss your check regardless of who the President is. So much for that lie.

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