Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Stock Market Keeps On Spiraling Down Ward

And the AP can't figure out why.

It couldn't possibly be because people want to know how we're going to pay back all that money?

What good is an interest rate cut when no one wants to borrow money because the stock market looks bad right now?

What good is yet another stimulus package when we'll probably have to borrow the money from China again?

Don't get on national television to tell us not to panic when it appears that's what you're doing with all this stimulus package and cutting rates mumble jumble.

Don't get on national television and tell us to stop spending beyond our means when that's what you're doing.

Get a grip and work on the real problem instead of throwing money we don't have at a problem that will only be fixed by cutting more taxes, cutting GOVERNMENT SPENDING, and working on accessing our own domestic resources.

Better yet, don't start messing around with OUR 401k's either. What is WRONG with you people?

Is it really that hard for you to understand?

Maybe this is:

Stop spending money you don't have or we, the people who elected you, will find someone else who is willing to do what we tell them to do. You will be FIRED, handed a pink slip, shown the door. Do you understand now?


RogueandPoet said...

I sadly wonder if "we" will fire anyone?

Melissa said...

I plan to vote against several incumbents, for what little good it will do.

Unfortunately I am preaching to the choir.

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