Monday, January 12, 2009

Government Created Jobs

My home computer is having Internet connectivity issues. However, I would like to know where Obama thinks he will get the employees to man these massive infrastructure projects he wants to government to fund?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the current unemployed are tech workers, production workers, and thousands of finance employees and construction workers (okay, so they will be first in line for the alleged millions of government created jobs in construction. But these particular construction workers build houses and buildings not roads...there is a difference). These people are not trained to operate heavy machinery. Most road construction workers are STATE EMPLOYEES and are not unemployed.

Tech workers, finance workers and the dozens of white collar titles who are unemployed went to school, did the work to get a degree, many have advanced degrees, to be white collar employees, not go dig ditches. They went to school to be able to get a job where they didn't have to do 'hard labor' like their parents or grandparents did. How are you going to convince them to pick up a shovel? How do you plan on telling them their effort to make their own lives better was a wasted effort and now they should suck it up for the good of their elected officials and get to work in the sewers and pipelines and by the way they STILL have to pay back that student loan for the education they now can't use because Obama said so.

I'm certainly not about to go build roads, dig ditches, or operate heavy machinery. Call me lazy if you want, but I'm not standing in line with my hand out to the government either.

My husband is 43 with a master's degree in education and 20 years experience in mental health and working in the juvenile court system. I doubt he'll join the government road crew.

Obama's efforts at reviving the economy might be better served by sending money to individual states who need it most, like California, to resuscitate their sagging economies. What about juicing up efforts to get that border fence built? There's a construction job that this country actually needs for him to undertake.

Point out to me, in the Constitution, where it is the government's responsibility to make sure everyone in the United States has a job, and eductaion, and healthcare. If you can find it, I'll happily be quiet on the issue.


Khadijah said...

Quite right. Further, if it's true (and it certainly is :-)) that the current recession will continue until the average American (you and I) decide to spend our earnings rather than save them, I have yet to hear it explained how building a bridge in Nevada will make me want to buy a wide-screen TV in Houston.

Perhaps I ask too much of politicians.


Anonymous said...

If your husband has no job, no job prospects and you need to pay the mortgage and eat... he'll be on the road crew.

Melissa said...

Ahhh, I love anonymous comment posters.

You automatically assume my husband has no marketable job skills, no property, no savings, and no wife with a job or three of her own.

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