Friday, June 26, 2009

Obama's Healthcare plan in a nutshell...take a pill

Hug your parents and grandparents and pray Socialized/Public/National Health Care isn't passed.

Those of you all for Socialized/Nationalized Health care, take a look at how well run government medicine is. It's been here all along. Under Medicare(all but bankrupt), Social Security (all but bankrupt) and Veteran's Hospitals where incompetence runs rampant

And what of Mr. Obama?

Why should he take public health care? He and his family is set for life simply because he was elected. Our other elected officials (congressmen/senators/governors) get free high dollar health care on our dime. So don't look for them to go on the public health care dole either. If they are 'public servants', which is what an elected official is, then shouldn't they too have to take 'public health care'? But then, I don't know of any deities who need medical care. Do you?

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