Thursday, October 4, 2007

Such a ripe political field to choose from

Where to even begin?

Rush Limbaugh? Nah, there's nothing more to be said, except Democrats are idiots. Oh! and hey! There are phony soldiers in their ranks too! Tom Harkin, look him up, he never did what he said he did when he served in the military. John Kerry...did you know he served in Vietnam and committed atrocities? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Did anyone notice that while all the bruhahahaha was going on over what Rush didn't say that the democrats once again failed to not fund the war? It passed while media doesn't matter and moveon.ogre were busy looking the other way. So democrats are spineless too.

Myanmar/Burma is slaughtering protesters and monks right and left and no one is paying more than a passing glance in their direction. So much for the party of compassion.

Darfur is escalating. Still no one really paying attention there either. Where is that party of compassion? Anyone seen them yet?

Why is congress concerned over bailing people out of bad mortgages? Aren't those people, who lied about their assets, adults who are now getting what they deserved for trying to live beyond their means? Won't that cost the government a lot of money? What about the debt we will be passing to our children if we, the people, who fund the government, bail them out?

So the S-chip was vetoed. Do I care? No. It's still there, just not at the approximately 40 billion per year DEMOCRATS wanted. It wasn't to provide more care for the needy, I don't even want to go there, but I will. It was to also encompass middle income families and their children. They are the people who already have insurance through employers. It was to entice them to drop their coverage and take the Government coverage instead. Bigger government, the nanny state trying to sneak in the backdoor. Wake up people!

By the way, for those of you who aren't aware of this, hospital emergency rooms cannot turn you away, by law. They have to treat you and work out a repayment plan even if it is just $1 a month. Also this free health care all you yahoos are yammering on incessantly about isn't free. You'll be paying for it in the form of taxes on other goods and services you purchase on a daily basis. Just a minor little detail the democrats didn't tell you about.

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