Thursday, October 4, 2007

It Just Keeps On Going and going and going

What is this? Did the energizer bunny on steroids pee in the democrats wheaties on the way through their kitchens last week? I'm sick and tired of the Rush Limbaugh lies the democrats keep spewing. I was listening the day he said 'phony soldiers' I know the context in which it was said. I'm an ear witness for heavens' sake!

The same democrats making a big deal out of this out of context quote are the very same ones who call our soldiers liars, rapists, and murders. They've said the war is lost. That our soldiers should be re-deployed (code for cut n run). Hello! Tom Harkin lied about his own service! John Kerry lied about committing atrocities himself in Vietnam. Pots still calling the kettle black.

Why is it okay that ABC ran the story two days earlier and called them phony soldiers?


gt281 said...

Interesting isn't it, that a lot of people (read that politicians) are calling for us to 'leave' Iraq.. We left the job undone in Vietnam and now 35 years later, every wacko-nutjob thinks that the way to 'win' against us is just to wait, that we'll get tired of hearing war stories, of blood and death of our brave fearless youth.. This is the lesson that the world learned about the U.S. from Vietnam, that we'll get tired and leave, too much blood, too much money.. I guess a lot of people don't realize that we have, as a nation, via Prez Bush, made a commitment to another nation, a COMMITMENT. Just because the weather is stormy and black is no reason to leave…
A commitment has been made, are we a nation that keeps our word or a nation of French speakers?...We have been in Western Europe how long now, after WWII, over 60 yrs…
and still we remain even after the wall came down, why?..
If we are to remove our troops from anywhere, I think it should be Western Europe, their stable now, we won the cold war, not by running but by staying resolute and firm..
My guess is that everyone is so conditioned by TV that we
automatically think that every ‘story’ should be done in
about a half an hour, or hour, or at the very longest a two hour ‘story’…and with the prerequisite happy ending, all
the loose ends nicely cleared up in a pink bow…I’m thankful that our soldiers in the field, on the battle lines, don’t feel the
same way as the pundits do. It’s just too bad that they have to listen to such garbage….
Tell me, what do you think the leading story will be on Yahoo tonight?.. that’s right Britney..(what a world, what a world, aggg I’m melting…)
… for a simple country girl, you ain’t so simple, missy….

Melissa said...

Hope you haven't melted too much and welcome to my itty bitty blog. =)

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