Monday, November 5, 2007

The Constitution

Of abortions, illegal immigrants, healthcare, entitlement syndrome,'s a mixed bag!

Maybe I just don't understand the Constitution? But from the way I read it, the Constitution is not designed to dictate morals, rather it defines rights I have, of which abortion is not a right, and roles of the government, which is not telling the citizens how to live their lives.

To tell someone they can't have an abortion, make it an amendment, much like banning liquor in the early 20th century, would be the government using the constitution to dictate moral behavior.

I don't see the Consititution as a promise to strike down global warming, take money away from the rich so the lazy poor can have it, or let a woman half way give birth to a baby then lie quietly while the doctor pokes a hole in its head and sucks/scrapes its little brain out, or grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. There is nothing at all in the constitution that stipulates the government should pay for housing, food, or medical care for any US citizen or illegal immigrant.

Where do you people get this stuff? Google the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, R-E-A-D it, make notes, find an abridged version on your reading level! Educate yourself, but this requires the desire to learn something not just go along with the crowd. Take the initiative!

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