Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fred Thompson

I like Fred. I'll vote Fred in the primaries. I received his TN committee list today and was quite impressed with it. A couple of names on it: Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker, and Zach Wamp to name a few. Of course this is TN, his home state, and one would expect no less from the Volunteer State, than complete support for one of their own. However, that didn't hold true for Al Bore, but then he got what he deserved.

Why Fred? He isn't afraid to stand up for his beliefs, evidenced by being the lone minority on some issues. Yeah, he's got some spotty positions here and there, but show me a politician who doesn't. He believes in State's Rights. He's anti amnesty. He's pro second amendment. He's pro-life. He says what he means and means what he says. I don't care if he quit the State Senate after his daughter died. I probably would hide from the world for a while too. He's entitled to mourn simply because he's human. I'm with him in believing the Federal Government should have stayed out of the Schiavo case. It should have been left to the local courts, state courts if necessary. I don't mind if he has a southern drawl. Since when does southern drawl equal less intelligence? I don't mind someone who pauses before he speaks. I'd rather have someone think about what they're saying than just blurting out an answer.

At any rate, he has my vote. Guiliani is just too liberal for my liking. Romney reminds me of a used car salesman for some reason. Huckabee ticked me off by emailing an invitation to me to join Team Huckabee, unsolicited. I don't know how his campaign got my email addy, but I was civil and told them I was going to vote Thompson. To their credit, they were nice about it.

McCain...makes me sleepy just looking at him. Tancredo, put a fork in him, he's done. Hunter, is okay, but he hasn't said or done anything that makes me say 'heyyyyyyyy, I like this guy' either. Good God, don't get me started on Ron Paul. He's the conservative answer to Howard Dean.

My hubby has been won over by Fred. My parents are starting to pay a little more attention to him. My grandmothers are die hard democrats so I won't hold my breath on their behalf. My grandmother has said, however, that she wouldn't vote Hillary to save her own life, so I guess that says something. She won't vote Obama either because she is from the old south and suffers a bit of prejudice, so that leaves Edwards for her. Same for my other grandmother. I guess they won't be voting this election cycle either.

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