Monday, November 5, 2007

Global Warming/Cooling or just plain BS?

My vote is BS. I'm old enough to remember the 70's. I'm old enough to remember Jimmy Carter and the sour economy, fuel shortages, and all that fantabulous stuff that these new hard left, kook fringe, fanatics haven't heard of and couldn't care less to learn about. I'm also old enough to remember the fear mongering on the left called Global Cooling caused guessed it man made holes in the ozone! Those darned rockets NASA kept sending into space were tearing holes in the ozone! And the use of all that hairspray, chlorofluorocarbons in them, just made it bigger. Those huge assed fuel guzzling cars the poor insisted on driving...wait not the poor! The rich! yeah that's it, the rich, the poor were just too ignorant to know any better!

Don't forget to wear sunscreen and sunglasses because the sun is stronger now because of all the mess the evil Americans have made of the atmosphere.

So what do you think the cure was? Plant trees, recycle, carpool, fine any industry that was polluting, stop building oil refineries and did I mention plant trees? Today it's called carbon offsets, also known as complete and utter BS.

The only good that came out of all that mess was water and air quality was improved. And a new REPUBLICAN President named Ronald Reagan. Everything else was a disaster. Fuel rationing led to long lines and high prices at the pump and ungodly electric bills.

When I was young I believed it because it was on the news. If it was on the news then it had to be correct. Now, I don't believe a bit of what I hear or see unless I research it myself first. My kids are learning the same thing. Just hang on another 25 years and my oldest son will take the US by storm just in time for another global climate change scare only he knows what's up with all this garbage and knows to take the trash out!


gt281 said...

I too remember days gone by, when I could fill my car up for $3.75, now its $35+. I read/heard somewhere that it costs just $5:00 to fill a barrel of Saudi oil and put it on a ship, now its near $100 per barrel, that’s $95:00 profit.. wow…
A couple of Qs…what ever happened to the environmentists?
Shouldn’t they be out screaming about all the plastic used today, everything is plastic or plastic wrapped today, where are they?,..did they all die?... It would really be good if someone would do something about the plastic crap (not kidding)…and if I remember right it doesn’t decompose for about 3000 yrs..
And what about all the cow farts? Aren’t they supposed to be responsible for the ozone going bye-bye?....I live in Ioway, and all I can say is where is this global warming?, hurry up, winter sucks here…..

Melissa said...

I think the environmentalists are now PETA activists, lol, another bunch of hooey.

Recycle the plastic until...until...the liberals run the country and couldn't care less what happens to it because it isn't an important political issue anymore!

Honestly, I need to research on the plastic topic a bit more, especially after sitting here and studying all the plastic in my home at the moment.

Cow farts...ehhh, I'll take a cow fart over some PETA'bot railing that fishing hooks hurt the trout I'm about to gut, cook, and eat.

I wish I could find a product, likr oil, I could package and make a $95 profit!

And I forgot, ethanol is the same thing they're touting now that was supposed to be the next best thing to solve our fuel dependence.

Everything that was old is suddenly new again, but I refuse to put myself into parachute pants, big hair, or stirrup pants ever again lol!

gt281 said...

hey now, i liked stirrup pants, their good for riding...wink, wink,
saw something in Time mag, this week about a guy with new fuel ideas, gets 80mpg, i'll read it again and get back..of course if its true the Saudis will buy him out before it gets on the market...isn't that nice of them, to use our own money against us?...
and wheres your 'about me' section?

Melissa said...

ok ok, I fixed it =)

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