Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Islamic State of North America?

Want to regress by about 1700 years? Ladies, do you want to lose your right to an education, a job, to drive, pick your partner (male or female), as many partners as you want, wear whatever and as much or as little as you want? Do you want to lose your right to speak for yourself? Do you want to lose your voting privileges? Get a divorce? Do you want your husband to go to classes on how to beat his wife? Would you like to wear a black tent over your body with only a slit across your eyes so you can see? Would you like to be beaten by some stranger if he sees *gasp* your ankle? How about being executed for kissing a guy, or making out with him? Do you want that for your daughter? Your children and grandchildren?

To the rest of you, no rights to bear weapons, no right to a trial by a jury of your peers, no protection from the government, taxes upon taxes upon taxes because you are an infidel, execution for being gay, public beating or execution for fornication/adultery, consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden, any opinion besides that of your leaders is forbidden, you don't get to elect your leaders, sure, men might get to vote, but when there is only one candidate the point is moot is it not? No more sports for women. As far as I can tell only men can play soccer. I haven't seen anyone from the middle east playing football or basketball or hockey or tennis or golf or baseball. I'll gladly correct that if someone can point me in the right direction.

No more internet as we know it, no more blogs they're only allowed now to spread the word of Islam. Hey guys no more porn in any shape form or fashion either.

Welcome to life under islam/muslim/taliban/al-queda/sha'ria law.

It is what our enemy wants for you. Allegedly because allah told them to oppress us or kill us for our sins. I think there's an underlying modicum of greed there. They want what we have. Vast natural resources, military strength, strategic world location, modern conveniences that they can't obtain under their own government so they're going to try to take it from us under the pretense of a *holy war*. Isn't greed one of the seven deadly sins?

Personally, I will never bow to Islamic rule. Nor will my family. My lord and savior led in the way he wants me to go. He laid down his own life so that I can live. Mohamed never suffered and died the way Jesus did. He never came back from the dead. He never went into the bowels of hell to give those who died before his time a chance to repent. He never forgave the thief dying on the cross beside him. Mohamed is not a god but a false prophet. Maybe even the anti-Christ. I follow my leader. Mohamed is not a leader. He is a coward. I do not follow cowards.

As a born and raised American I am allowed to say that. I am allowed to practice my religion freely. I enjoy a lot of freedom and I intend to do so for a long time to come. Skimpy dresses, bathing suits cut up to here and down to there, skin tight jeans, and clingy sweaters. I intend to make mixed drinks for Thanksgiving day. Our American flag proudly flies on the front porch. We have two flags that draped our grandfathers caskets and one that draped my father-in-law's casket. My father and brother served in the Army and Marines respectively. We will go to church tonight and sing about our love of Jesus. We'll pray to God. We will vote on the conservative ticket come next November. My sons will proudly wear the American military uniform. And they'll probably kiss a number of girls before they ever marry. I'll be a proud mom and wife and one day a proud grandmother and those children, our descendants, will be raised in a traditional Christian American home.

Also, I deliberately ignored grammar rules on the capitalization of the names of religions (except where absolutely necessary). I did it totally out of disrespect and I will not change it because I refuse to recognize it as anything other than bullying of one religion over another. I don't do politically correct. Never have. Never will.

So take that, stuff it in your self righteous, jihadist turban and smoke it.

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