Saturday, November 17, 2007

Let's Make Sure I Get This Straight

I keep hearing people complaining about the insurance companies making lots of money off the 'poor' people working at jobs that offer health care coverage. So? It's their job. If you want to make lots of money like they do get a better job.

Oh no. You can't do that. You want the GOVERNMENT to give you insurance instead. "Take those profits" as Mrs. Clinton says and put them to good use. In other words punish people who are prosperous so you don't have to do anything for yourself.

Now, let's look at that.

Medicaid is in the red.
Medicare is in the red.
Social Security is in the red.

WHO runs those programs?

Say it with me "The government runs those programs."
They can't even balance their own budget. Yet you want the government to take even more money out of your pocket (which is where it actually comes the saying goes money doesn't grow on trees) and put into socialized medicine so we can be like Canada and Great Britain? Have you not noticed anything funny about their medical system? Like the long waits for life saving procedures as in months or even years. How about the people resorting to pulling their own teeth because they a) can't get to a dentist right when their tooth is hurting or b) even with the government form of insurance they still can't afford the procedure?

Why do all those people from other countries come here for medical care? It isn't because it's cheaper here. It's because they have almost instant access to a doctor or specialist without having to wait more than an hour or two in the doctor's office. I've often complained about waiting for hours for my 9 am appointment only to be seen at 1 pm for said appointment. I'd hate to have to wait weeks, months, or even a year. I'd have already been dead.

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