Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Feel "Udderly" Ridiculous Today

I'm not sure what people look for when they look at my blog. If they want in depth analysis of the ins and out of the political world, they're in the wrong place. I don't' understand all the machinations to politics myself. All I have is what I've been taught is right and wrong. I have my opinion as a result.

My opinion isn't any more right or wrong than the next person's, but that doesn't mean I have to deal with people coming on my blog to be mean spirited.

That said. This omnibus bill worries me. What happened to the fiscal responsibility the democrats all but promised once they took control of the house and senate? Ear marks/pork spending? And they want us to believe that they're the better party? Since when is big government the best way to go? It just causes more expense that has to be paid by raising taxes on us common folks. NOT THE RICH! And this outrageous bill doesn't include that national health care coverage they want to enact (Read force on all people).

Can you imagine the staggering cost and all the fraudulent claims at the taxpayers expense because some government educated dumb ass doesn't' understand the government isn't paying for anything. His working neighbor is!

The energy bill just passed is scary too. Just what we needed. More energy mandates. Apparently those who passed it don't remember the 70's or could care less because they were a part of that hippy driven fiasco too. THEY were the hippies.

People apparently don't remember the global cooling scare from that time either, or they were part of the tree hugging hippies who also advocated the energy mandates of that time too. Why is the same cure for cooling the same as warming? Recycle, plant trees (called carbon offsets now) car pool, use less oil, drive smaller cars, eat vegetables not meat so on.

For the record, what does eating vegetables do for your digestive tract? Gas central. Cows eat grass and fart all the time, so if humans just stop eating meat, the cows aren't' slaughtered, they reproduce, so we have more cows! And another thing, if humans stop eating meat, we start farting more too. Just what do you think will happen to the atmosphere then? Besides being horrifically smelly?

Can you imagine cramming 4 farting adults into a Toyota Prius in the carpool lane on their way to work? Now if they could figure out a way to make the Prius run on farts, then we might have something!

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