Sunday, December 23, 2007

Take care of yourself first

I believe this where the conservative libertarian in me comes to the fore.

Concerning the case where the teen age girl died because her insurance company refused to cover a liver transplant for her.

People seem to have forgotten to take care of themselves because no one else will. It's called personal responsibility.

I would move heaven and hell and everything in between to make sure my child got the care necessary regardless of what the 'insurance' company approved. Refinance my house, sell my house, max my credit cards, raid retirement, sell my car, my jewelry, sell my soul, anything. I have no pride where it concerns the health of my kids, I would even beg on my knees, face down on the floor if I had to. Most hospitals and doctors will even work out a deal with you on making payments.

Since when is the insurance company's decision the end all in some one's life. There are hundreds of places to turn for help, charitable organizations,fund raisers, churches, the local newspaper, hospitals like St Jude's who bend over backwards to make sure kids receive the care they need regardless of the family's ability to pay, the list goes on and on.

Insurance companies aren't in this to save lives they're in this for a profit. Plain and simple. Once you understand this simple point, then you need to decide what you want to do about it. Government regulation isn't the answer. It's simply giving the government more power to control you and your habits thus further enabling the 'nanny state'/entitlement mentality taking hold in this country.

It isn't the government's business to have a national health care plan. There is nothing in the Constitution or any of the original founding papers that give the government the power to tell you what to eat, where to eat it or how. There is nothing in there about making sure everyone has an education or what the kids in schools should learn. There is nothing in there about separation of church and state. There is nothing in there that says anything about health care or insurance or medicines. There is nothing in there about regulating the discipline of children or the lack thereof. There is nothing in there about the right to vote. You have the right to not be discriminated against while casting a vote, but nothing is mentioned about a right to vote. There is nothing in there about abortion, marriage, or a whole host of other things that people think they have a right to but don't.

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