Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's probably stolen

I work in retail. I hate this time of year in retail, and I love it at the same time. I love the energy and excitement and the anticipation and the crowds and the spectacular lights, beautiful sounds, and delicious smells that one can only associate with Christmas. Even in a crowded mall on Christmas eve.

What I really hate is the shop lifters. I hate straightening shelves at night only to find empty packages that once held toys, jewelry, condoms, pregnancy tests, vitamins, cough syrup,pamprin, over the counter pain medications, perfume, cologne, hair dryers, (yes you read that correctly), curling irons, flat irons, expensive shampoo, hair coloring kits, cds, dvds, video games, tools, children's clothing, and women's clothing. Oddly enough, I rarely find men's clothing, but I do frequently find over the counter male enhancement drugs. Now, back to my list, tampons, sanitary pads, socks, by the way I just love when someone steals a pair of shoes and leave me the old pair in the box...does that make it right? And I really enjoy when you leave me your old jeans in place of the new ones you stole. Same for only taking half a package of condoms. Does that mean you think it really isn't stealing if you didn't' take all of it? I found an open package of benadryl with just one blister open. It was still theft moron. I'll just bet you're one of those who complains that everything is just too expensive so you have to steal because you can't afford it. I say baloney!

How do you think the store pays for that empty box you left? We have to raise prices to cover the cost that's how. Believe it or not, the manufacturers of the short list of items I've found stolen on an almost daily basis, did not just GIVE us those items. We paid for them then turned around and put it out for you to buy.

Now, it's Christmas. Let's say your cousin Jill gave you a gift that wasn't in its original package, nor did she have the receipt for it. She probably stole it. Or is your sister wearing a fragrance you know she couldn't have possibly bought because it's expensive and she doesn't have a job. Nor do her friends. She probably stole it. Is uncle Dan suddenly able to do some work around the house with some really nice tools that he couldn't possibly have purchased? Ditto.

Start paying attention. Look in your wife's checkbook to see what she paid for that jacket or purse. Look at your credit card bills. If there's no charge or receipt or note in the checkbook or on the bank statement (if she says she used a debit card), it's stolen. And you know it really is stolen if it has a huge red or black or blue stain over a hole where the gator tag was removed after leaving the store. Look at her hands, that stuff doesn't wash off easily.

If you have a shoplifter on your hands, take them back to the store and turn them in. Get them some help because it is a cry for help, for attention. It's also illegal. Theft is theft no matter what package you wrap it up in. If you're with someone caught shoplifting you could be charged as an accomplice and have to go to court to prove your innocence, by then it's too late. People have already seen your name in the local paper.

If you are a habitual shoplifter, get some help. Stop stealing. It's wrong on all kinds of levels. YOu can seek help on your own or the court can appoint help for you in the form of a jail sentence depending on how many times you've been caught. Just so you know just where I stand on this subject, if you can't tell already..I abhor thieves. Shop lifting is theft. Get it? Got it? Good.

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