Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fred Thompson Smack Down

I think it's a bit unfair to compare Thompson to Reagan because the only thing they both have in common is political career mixed in with an acting career.

I like Thompson. I liked Reagan, but you have to remember I was only 11 years old when he was elected to office. I was 18 when he left office. There are three Presidents whom I remember having a direct impact on my life.

Carter. I remember him because Dad lost the job he had with DuPont. I remember dad reading about the end of time in the bible and in other books that were being published. I didn't' understand then what was wrong, but then the mind of a 7 year old just doesn't comprehend things like that. .

I remember Reagan more clearly as I was a bit older. I remember him because under his administration my dad got a 'temporary' job. Employers started becoming more optimistic under a new administration and especially when they started enacting tax cuts. He was hired by a then fledgling company named M&M Mars.

I remember watching the space shuttle lift off for the first time. I also remember watching in horror in the high school cafeteria as news report after news report showed the space shuttle explode. I remember watching news reports when Hinkley tried to assassinate Reagan. Those memories may be out of order. Keep in mind this was between my 11th and 18th birthdays.

Now my kids are watching the election process with interest. They have a keen interest in Fred Thompson. My oldest is 11 years old. The exact age I was when Reagan was elected. I want for them both what I had under Reagan. A rock solid leader with absolute convictions. So far, Thompson is the only candidate who displays rock solid, unwavering convictions. I don't think we can do much better in electing him President, but certainly can do worse.

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