Thursday, December 13, 2007

Teleconference Notes

I got an invitation from Betty Inclan to attend a bloggers teleconference with Thaddeus McCotter, Chairman, Republican House Policy Committee. How I ever even got on that list of invitees I'll never know, however, I attended and simply listened. I kept telling myself that I'm the baby in this group, but I learn fast!

First item up Schip. The take on it? If the democrats cared so much about poor children then they would find a way to fix the problem of children not being insured rather than finding a way to spend more money out of the taxpayers pocket.

Whats on tap for Republicans in 2008? Bury the past, look ahead, bring the centrality of the people back to the government. Involve the new media more. People want to see fiery integrity out of the Republicans and they want the centrality of the people back in policy making. Republicans went wrong by listening to K Street and money instead of the people.

What's wrong with the Dems? People are tired of the policy of envy. taking money from the wealthy to give to the 'poor' in order to get their votes. Democrats cannot take the ideology of the 527s and market it so they play the 'redistribution of wealth' ticket instead. They'll start saying the economy is tanking. Note: The economy started slowing down when the Dems were elected to the majority and started talking raising the taxes. They started taxing the people demonized by the media, smokers, for example. They did this to fund the Schip program. If you only tax the people no one likes then people don't mind so much. The Schip program is going to give insurance to kids, adults and illegal aliens. The only way they democrats could fund this program is going to be letting the Bush tax cuts expire which would then become the largest tax hike in history. No one wants to pay more money to the government. This is their idea of taking the country in a new direction. Take more money. Spend more money. Interfere in business.

Role of 'New Media' Should we work more closely with the old media? How much individuality are you willing to lose? You're wasting your opportunity by wading into these left wing blogs getting buried in replies. If you get depressed by reading those blogs and quit doing what you're doing then only the left wing blogs will be there getting 'their' messages out.
The Republicans messed up thinking that no communication equalled protection for them. Only the dems got their messages out and republicans found themselves behind the curve.

How can bloggers help?Those with personal/political blogs keep blogging, write and work with political bloggers, work with the talk radio blogs, get your message out, make yourselves heard.

NAFTA? Why are we trading with Communist China who is slaughtering their citizens wholesale? We need fair trade with free nations like Peru....time cut short as he was due for a vote on the floor.

However, I listened in on Bettina Inclan and Fausta talking about interesting developments in Peru. Apparently Peru let a financial deal fall through in favor of wealth building rather than a wealth redistribution scheme. I'll bet the liberals in that country are scratching their heads over that move.

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Here's my post on the Brazil story.


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