Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Thanks a lot Enviro weenies

$100 Oil futures hit $100 a barrel on supply worries. Someone, anyone, never mind. I'll do it. Are you environmental whack jobs out there, happy now? We get to pay the same prices that the Europeans do for gas. Congratulations. You wanted to be like Europe, well now you are or will be very shortly.

Get out of my face about the environmental hazards of the US drilling OUR OWN oil. If you're going to yammer on about how we need new energy sources, then tell us what it is? Nuclear energy? Wind? Oh wait! I know. You think we should drive those cutesy little electric cars. How do you power those things? Charge 'em up using ELECTRICITY! Where does the electricity come from? How is it created? C'mon. Tell me the answer. I'm not going to spoon feed it to you. It's not fair, I know, but you're so much smarter than I am. (You wish) Our power plants are fueled by coal, oil, and hydroelectricity...the very things you are opposed to.

Ethanol? We've been down this road before. Drives the prices of corn through the roof. Which means beef, poultry and egg prices soar. It doesn't contain as much energy in it so more has to be used or it has to mixed with something else to make up for it. OR you have to buy a car that has an engine that is made to use Ethanol...guess how much MORE that car costs to purchase then maintain? More than the average American, including this one, is willing or is able to afford.

Most of us here remember this from the 70's. Price regulations. Rationing. What did that do to our economy? The current crop of nanny staters that we stupidly elected have sent us right back down that road again, gleefully too, I might add.

Is it the use of the bio/organic in front of fuel that makes ethanol so appealing? We already have organic everything that can be thought of in grocery stores. It turns out most of it is just hype. I bought organic free range chicken and a regular package of chicken, they cost about the same, maybe a 5 cent difference in price for the same size package. They tasted the same too. I didn't feel any different after eating the 'organic' chicken than I did eating the regular chicken. I hate to break it to you, chicken fruit, grain, is all organic no matter how it's raised. Do you think that if it's natural then it has to be good for the environment or good for you? Cow farts are natural. Coal is natural. Oil is natural. Tobacco is natural. Botulism is natural so is salmonella. They're all organic too!

Is it cheaper to produce? Nope. It costs approximately .51 cents more per gallon to produce . NCPA In the east, it would lower gasoline prices by approximately 35 cents while raising the price in the west by the same amount. Then add state, federal, and local tax to it and you're right back where you started from. Thank your local enviro wack job for that.

Corn being used to produce ethanol removes the grain from the general market driving up prices for beef, poultry, pork, bread, milk, eggs, and for some reason orange juice prices seem to be affected as well.

This time last year I was paying $1 for 2 dozen eggs. This year it's $2.79 for 1 dozen. $5.15 for a gallon of milk, $2.89 for bread, $5.79 for a gallon of orange juice. No more orange juice in this household, eggs only once a month (which means I don't make cakes or brownies or anything that requires an egg in a recipe). I buy powdered milk at $5.50 a box to mix with milk to make it last longer, which means I rarely buy cereal whose price has gone through the roof as well. And that just scratches the surface of what happens when corn is removed from the market in favor of turning it into ethanol.

Ethanol absorbs water. Just what the south needs, less water. While it cuts C02 emissions, it emits volatile organic compounds (VOC) which are a prime component of the smog, which plagues many U.S. cities. Which is the lesser of the two evils? They're both equally bad.

Worse, when ethanol is burned, it emits acetaldehide — considered a probable human carcinogen by the EPA — and peroxyacetyl nitrate, which damages plants. Bet the enviro lobbyists didn't tell you that either did they?

We have oil running out our figurative ears, but we're not allowed to claim it because it might hurt the environment. I could point to the obvious argument using the Alaskan pipeline, but you won't listen. We could do a fast renovation of our oil refineries sitting off the east coast in a matter of weeks and have them up and running to refine our oil, but noooooooooooooo it might pollute the ocean. Never mind the ocean is already polluted. Never mind those rigs out there have developed marine habitats under them. Never mind it would cut the cost of transporting foreign oil here to be refined. We can't do it because YOU have to have everything your way and being the mild mannered people we are, we acquiesce. It's about time people started standing up to these pathetic spineless whiny assed euro wannabees. They shouldn't be allowed to tell us how to live or or what we can eat or what we can use for energy or how to raise our children or how to educate our children. I'm tired of playing lapdog to environmentalists. I'm tired of our politicians playing lapdog to the lobbyists. Grow a back bone and help me tell these people enough is enough already.


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Hi Country Girl...
Great post, I agree with every word and I agree with you on the Fair Tax.
You're going on my personal blogroll!

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