Friday, January 4, 2008

Media freezes Fred out

Wonder what they're afraid of?

Maybe they hope if they ignore him he'll pick up his toys and go home?


Anonymous said...

The media is clearly afraid of Fred, even the establishment Republicans. A real shame! Thompson is a good man and a REAL conservative.

Waiting for the the National Convention is like waiting for your doctor to call with potential bad news.

By the way, love your blog. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,

Great to have you on board. I've misplaced your email I think, and don't see an rss feed here for you... can you send it to me again? I'll add you as soon as I get it.

It is a pleasure to have you in the "herd"! I'll also add you to my "Oxen and Oxettes" blogroll.

I'll look forward to your headlines.

Happy New Year!

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