Saturday, February 2, 2008

And back to my regularly scheduled SANE Blogging

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Now, for all you McCaniacs out there: We, those of us who can see the writing on the wall, don’t want to pull together around McCain. We’d rather have Fred Thompson or Mitt Romney or anyone else. Hells bells, my husband and I were seriously considering Ron Paul!

I want so much better for my kids than to put someone in office who thinks it’s insulting to illegal immigrants to be told they have to learn to speak English in the United States. The same man who wants to give illegal immigrants citizenship in exchange for $3k. Is that all citizenship is worth in the most powerful country in the world? Is that what our soldiers’ lives are worth? Is that all our founding father’s efforts and all the countless lives lost and blood shed over the past couple of centuries to get us where we are now worth? McCain tried to put a price on a priceless American citizenship with a cheap bargain basement discount and now YOU want to reward him for that galling bit of attempted legislation with the Presidency? I don’t care if he was a POW, veteran, there are thousands of them all over the United States. It doesn’t make him right. It doesn’t make him presidential material. He has earned every bit of the disgust and revile he gets. No, I won’t vote for him, rally around him, or support him. Period. Understand?


Anonymous said...

I forget who said it, but a fine for citizenship is merely an investment in an annuity.

Melissa said...

Tell ya what, YOU may invest in all those illegal annuities you want. As for me and my family, we chose to abstain.

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