Friday, February 1, 2008

I think I can maybe live with some craziness...maybe

Have I mentioned I despise the current line up of presidential candidates? Thought so. I am ashamed to call myself a pundit, passing judgement on others without doing a bit of research first. Sometimes we don't always give people a fair shake, labelling them loony. I have had a rude awakening. I actually like a lot of what Ron Paul has to say. Not all of it, for example, returning to the gold standard or pulling our troops out of the world theatre, but those things will never happen anyway.

I'm not saying I'm going to vote Paul right now, but I really really like a lot of what he has to say, when allowed to speak for himself. I still think he needs to tweak a few of his ideas, don't they all though?


And then there's his fundraising and the fact he has NO DEBT, yes, you read that correctly NO DEBT accrued during his presidential campaign. He knows how to manage money. A fiscal conservative. You know, one of those things that we've been saying we want all along. You can tell a man by his works. Looks like we may be missing the boat here. We let Fred get away from us. And there is actually another conservative running. Who knew?

I am actually considering voting Ron Paul. Because, yes, we need a change, and maybe, just maybe he knows a few things the others don't. One of those things appears to be money management. And I would personally pay to have a ringside seat to see him take Chavez by those horns of his and threaten to call in the little green men to take him away. hehehehehehe

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