Sunday, February 3, 2008

How To Take America Back

My pastor gave a very good non-political sermon today. I'm going to paraphrase and add in my two cents as I go.

He spoke about TN having a number one spot in the country, but not for football or basketball. We're first in mortgage foreclosures. 1 out of 59 homeowners filed bankruptcy last year. There are 950 members in our church alone so roughly 16 of our church members filed bankruptcy. Monroe County, the county I live in, had the highest teen pregnancy rate.

He began speaking about how people wanted to take the America they knew and loved back from the arms of the people who want to destroy it by infecting us with the belief that we don't need God. How do you take your country back when you don't believe in the very basic of principles that we were founded under?

All men were created equal and given certain inalienable rights by their creator?

Have you noticed the deterioration of this nation since we gave in to political correctness and the removal of God from the public arena?

If you want your America back, then start taking control of your homes first. Who is the adult? Who makes the rules. Who pays the bills? If you answered your child to any of those questions, then your house needs to be brought under control. To gain control of your own house, everyone's positions in said house is to be clearly defined. Rules made with definite consequences if they are broken. Get your finances in order meaning don't spend what you don't have, BUDGET YOUR MONEY. Once your house is in order, your finances are in order then it will begin to spread to your school, your church, your community, your government, then you wil be on the solid ground you need to take back America. It takes just one person to make things happen. It was one woman who had prayer removed from school. Her single voice weilded the power to deny you your first amendment rights. Imagine what would happen if you sounded off and your entire community backed it up. What kind of power could you weild?

All you have to do is decide. Don't back down. Don't be wishy washy and spineless.

Prayerfully make a decison and do what you are led to do. You will be amazed at what happens when you include God in the mix. It might not be immediate, this isn't a sound bite world, but when the answer comes back, you'd better be prepared to take it all the way.

Take America back by take your home back first, everything else will fall into place.

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