Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Waiting for a hero

It has been less than 30 days since Fred Thompson 'suspended' his campaign. Two weeks since Romney 'suspended' his campaign. Ron Paul has fallen out. Hillary is fast on her way out, leaving Obama and McCain as the front runners. Huckabee is just there to be annoying. Nader is in the race...again, to be annoying as well.

All I can say is wow. Not because I like the remaining candidates. I don't. My readers here know that. My awe is at the striking change that can take place in the political landscape in so short a time.

Now, there's the rumor Romney may step in again. How cool would that be? Even more awesome if Fred would step back in too. Sure, they can't win, but there's that slim shot they have if something were to happen to McCain via his infamous temper or age related catastrophe.

I keep hearing that this is going to be an election of historic proportions. Really all of them are just that. A piece of history. Mostly, the hype over this election is because we have a geezer, a white woman and a black man in the lead. Someone has to win. And I'm hoping for a white knight, out of nowhere, kick your ass, take no prisoners, surprise. The slot is open for any taker. Hello? Anyone out there?

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