Friday, March 14, 2008

Food Police Gone Wild KnuckleHead Award

This Knucklehead award goes to the New Haven School system for this piece of stupidity. They've suspended a kid for buying skittles at school like the candy is a deadly weapon, stripped him of his student vice president title, barred him from honors banquet, and gave him three days suspension (though they've now reduced it to just one). If that were my kid he'd be out of that school system and in a private school/homeschool before the ink dried on the suspension slip.

Actually, you know, my kids ARE in private school. I work two jobs to pay for it. I'm home when they are. I know what they're being taught because I choose the curriculum. They are allowed to bring candy to school. It's for sale at the school. So is soda, and cookies, they allow REAL homemade cupcakes or cookies to be brought from home. There have been days that they are allowed to wear their pajamas, bring snacks, and lay around all day to watch *gasp* movies! and or play board games while *gaspgasp!* brownies are baking in the school kitchen. Pizza is delivered. They earn this privilege and thoroughly enjoy doing so. I guess my point to this is that the school my kids attend keeps their eye on the purpose of a school, a good education, not policing a student's every move or diet. And that is more important. A good education. Not throwing money at the problem. Not blaming everyone and everything for the failures of an education system that is no longer focused on education. Public schools need to focus on education, leave parenting , diets, and everything else to the parents. Things just work out better like that.


Cappy said...

Not Skittles!
Will The Bush Regieme (TM) stop at nothing?

End of Sarcasm

suz said...

I found myself laughing out loud at this, realizing we must have very similar schools....just another homeschool mom in memphis who found your blog during the recent tn. legislative mess, enjoyed the reading I am at
it keeps me sane, mostly.

Melissa said...

Mostly sane is always a good thing! Glad you dropped by. You can also find me at

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