Sunday, March 30, 2008

Global Climate Crisis of the current presidential office holder

I was thinking, while looking over all this global climate BS, and something occurred to me.

While all these alarmists are panicked over global warming and in their arrogance thinking they can actually do something that will stop the polar icecaps from melting if we just use less toilet paper and don't use that evil oil or coal or anything that is currently used to make their lives better, what happened to La Nina/El nino?

It seems that those two cycles have disappeared since Bill Clinton left office. Seems we don't have global warming when a democrat is in office we have la nina/el nino.

Scratch that, only republicans cause global warming when they're in office right?


Seems as of 2007 we're in an EL NINO cycle. You know, that thing that we only have when a democrat is in office. The oceans' currents determine our weather patterns, not a war,not oil, not the political parties, not man. The ocean, the moon, the sun, things we cannot control, THOSE things determine our weather and unless you have a direct line to GOD and he actually listens to you, since you're so much smarter and all, then there isn't a lot you can do to change the weather or save those icecaps.

Man should take the opportunity to explore areas that have been exposed during the planet's warm cycles and learn about the Earth's past since we KNOW at one time the Earth was indeed much warmer and had less land mass long ago.

Be smart. Use the opportunity that you have now to learn instead of wasting it worrying about something you can't stop or influence.

I'm not saying that cleaner air and water and trash free earth is a bad thing. It's great! But making this global warming BS into some kind of religion is wrong. Taxing countries into submission and degrading and defaming those who disagree with your false religion is shameful. You don't have the right to force your views, positions, and beliefs on anyone else, and if you do, please show me the legal precedence/ruling so that I may correct myself.

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