Sunday, April 6, 2008


As I stated previously, I've noticed two ocean currents missing since Bush took office and those wold be La Nina, a cool undercurrent that brings lots of hurricanes and El Nino, a warm undercurrent that brings mild temperatures and no hurricanes with it. Last I checked, the Democrats are not God and have no influence on weather and or ocean currents.

However, since Bush took office, we've had a couple of devastating hurricanes, a drought, and a terrorist directed attack. Only two of those have anything to do with the other. Hurricanes and the drought. Last I checked George Bush is not God, and has no influence on the weather or ocean currents either.

I saw one blog that said 'yeah so La Nina currents brings on a more active hurricane season, so what, it's still Bush's fault because he didn't' sign the KYOTO agreement.'

Bush didn't sign that because it would have paralyzed the economy, tossing us backwards into the stone age with the other third world cultures. How fun would that be? None. Unless you like wearing burquas and being made subservient to your husband or whatever other male feels you're not being modest/subservient enough.

I have also noticed the reporting on El Nino and La Nina is not only absent, but has been replaced by GLOBAL WARMING (doom doom doom!) since Bush took office. Is it only Republicans who are bad old meanies and tell God (oh the audacity of that!) that we need catastrophes to kill off our population so we can spend ass loads of money we don't have? I think not.

What makes these 'don't say the name of GOD in school, don't honor his presence, just don't say anything about him!, think that Bush would have any influence on the creator/maker of all that we know? Are they suddenly religious only when a Republican is in office?

What makes these same hypocrites, yes, hypocrites, so arrogant that they think they have any influence on the weather at all? Yeah getting gunk out of the air so we can breathe easier is great, fantastic, wonderful. Cleaning up the land so germs won't spread is just as wonderful, as is clean safe drinking water. Notice anything there? Those ARE things man has control over. God charged our biblical founding father, ADAM, with the Care and keeping of all that is on this earth. But he didn't hand over the climatological controls. You keep it clean and cared for, I'll take care of the big stuff seems to be the deal that was struck.

Now man, in his arrogance, thinks he too can play God and influence the weather patterns, climate changes. One too many science fiction network movies there folks! You are not some mad scientific genius who has some satellite somewhere that makes the kind of weather you really really want for the day. There are no holodecks to live out your fantasies.

Funny how certain weather affecting factors disappear to fit certain political agendas. Funny how many people swallow the global warming BS hook line and sinker. While I don't want to bury my head in the sand, like some people and scream it doesn't exist it doesn't exist, I also don't want to go around shoving it down people's throats. Is the earth warming? Maybe, from all account I've seen, not much, maybe one whole degree in the last hundred or so years. Can we stop it? Probably not, since I believe what is happening is largely from earth's cyclical warming and cooling trends. I was looking at Okefenokee literature today and learned at one time Georgia's coastline was 75 miles further inland than it is now. So at some point the earth was a lot warmer than it is now. Am I panicked? No. What good has panic ever done? That's your assignment for the day. Someone look up the last time panic actually helped in the face of some perceived cataclysmic event.

In the meantime, I'm going to fire up my charcoal powered grill and cook steaks for our first grilled dinner of the year. Pass the steak sauce =)

Here are some links to have a look at when the notion strikes you:

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    Edit: Heeeeey look at this! Someone else finally noticed! LA Nina is Back Baby!
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