Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nationalized Oil aka SOCIALISM

Vocabulary Lessons Throughout

What makes people think fuel prices would be lower if the government handles our oil as well? Have they not seen the price of petrol in Europe? Guess who controls the pumps there?

Is it because the government already handles the money they take from our paychecks so very well and we don't have any NATIONAL debt as a result? Social Security is so full we can't give it away fast enough?

People are so ignorant. Thanks PUBLIC EDUCATION. /sarcasm


I did a little looking around on the 'net to see what people are saying about why Nationalized Oil for the US is a *GOOD THING*!

The largest majority of people are for it for one reason and one reason only, stick it to the rich. Make all the CEO's of big oil companies federal employees then they can't be rich anymore and get all those perks. You mean perks like tax payer funded cars, homes, gas cards etc...

Author's Den

They still don't offer a solution to our alleged oil problem. Where will our oil come from and why would being controlled by the government make any difference in price? It will still cost the same to purchase, ship, and refine. We lack new refineries. We lack permission to drill our own oil. The truth of it seems to be that politicians want us to be dependent so we can continue to claim victim status.

Basically what the author of the above article is advocating is wealth redistribution and making everyone a federal employee. In other words, SOCIALISM.

NOUN: 1. Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

Socialism means a global system of social organization based on common ownership, democratic control by all, production for use, and free access.

Note the word DEMOCRATIC. The United States, by the way, is not a Democracy. The United States is a REPUBLIC. While People want to day democracy and republic are one and the same. They aren't.

Republic Vs Democracy

Once you learn the differences and understand the fine points of each, a clearer picture of what is being attempted on the people of the United States emerges. Politicians think they have the right to control their 'subordinates', meaning anyone who isn't another politician, meaning the common man and will attempt to exploit the common man's lack of information to manipulate him into agreeing to something he doesn't want. Calls to mind used car salesmen doesn't it?

Whose fault is it that it has come to Nationalized Health care, Nationalized Oil and the entitlement minded to sway voters? I point to public education. I point to environmentalists. I point to parents who refuse to see what is going on on television. It's the dumbing down of the public as a whole. I point to a sort of propaganda driven media attempt to control the masses, a power grab, that isn't theirs to take.

We don't want nationalized anything, except maybe military. We were once known for American ingenuity, it's time we got back to that foundation and stop depending on everyone else before we really do become what France and Great Britain have become. They were once the greatest military forces on earth, now they're just a bunch of wimps in military dress. Great image huh?

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