Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Subway Takes a Shot at Homeschoolers

Subway is offering a story writing contest. It's open to kids in the UNTIED States. They're offering them the change to win $5000 in athletic equipment for their school, including some bastket balls. But it isn't open to home schoolers.
They've since issued an apology with the promise to "try" to include home schooled children in future promotions.

Sorry guys, I'll 'try' to remember that I used to like your product while boycotting you in favor of Quizno's.

Hat Tip
Michelle Malkin

Just in case you'd like to voice your opinion to Subway, here's the link: Subway Customer Service

In the comments section in Michelle's post, the question came up (paraphrased), "Is there some kind of thing against home schoolers in this country...I think not"

Let me note, yes there is. The state of California now says you cannot teach your children at home if you don't have a teaching degree. The state of TN now says it will deny jobs to applicants for state jobs who hold high school diplomas from home schools. And that is just the two examples I can think of off the top of my head.

I'm sure my readers will let me know of other instances as well.

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