Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time To Give Our Congressmen And Senate Their Pink Slips

For now, let's ignore the oil companies and their alleged big profits. Their hands are tied as far as lowering oil/fuel prices are concerned. They do what they have to in order to survive. We all do.

Let's turn our attention where Congress and the Senate are desperately trying to divert our attention away from.

Why won't they let us drill our own oil? It's not like we don't have enough to be self sufficient for at least a hundred years or more. Wouldn't that give us more time to figure out a better way to harness other forms of energy? Wouldn't that begin to lower oil prices over time? There would be less transportation costs, less tariffs the companies have to pay, less production costs, more jobs for people willing to learn how to drill and refine oil, more construction jobs, more work for OTR drivers,and marketing people, and more money in state coffers. Why don't they see this? Or, if they do see it, why are they ignoring it? Is our government deliberately trying to crash the economy to get a Democrat in office? It makes as much sense as all those strange conspiracy theories out there put out by the BDS people.

Why are they scraping and bowing to the environmentalists? Money. Pure and simple. Power, even more simple. Take their power away by taking them out of office. Hand them their pink slip. They work for us.

You see, they don't have to buy their own fuel. We, as tax payers, buy their gas for them. We also pay their car payments which is how they can afford those big fancy gas guzzlers. We pay their mortgages. We pay their heating bills. We pay for their food. We pay for those nice vacations. The nice clothes.

Yet they are the ones holding our very way of life over our heads, telling us we have to learn to do without. Talk about upside down, ass back wards ways of doing things.

Excuse me, Mr.President, Mr. Vice President, Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Barr, Mr. Paul, Mr. McCain, senators and congressmen, we the people of the United States would like to take this opportunity to remind you we elected you to represent us, not special interest groups. We gave you your nice cushy jobs. We are ready to take them away from you. Understand? You listen to us. We are YOUR employers not the other way around. The pink slips with your names on them are ready. We'll be handing them out in the coming elections.


NatetheGrate said...

Well, that's keeping it simple -- overly simple. Don't you think the oil companies would be drilling for more oil if it was cheaper than buying it from OPEC? There are many ways for this country to get off the oil IV -- why aren't we doing them?

admin said...

For natethegrate;

Personally, keeping it simple is the REAL part you fail to understand. Simply put, CONGRESS, the TREE HUGGERS, and ignorant people as yourself won't let the oil companies drill, build new and more modern refineries, and allow America to reap the lower costs of oil right on American soil.

Currently, the oil companies profit margins are lower than they were 5 years ago...1% versus 10%. Let's see if you can start your own business and operate on 1% profit margin. For you un-educated, that is the part of your profits, after all expenses and taxes paid, that you get to keep for yourself. Most business entities need at least 15% to be considered profitable enough to grow.

It's not an "addiction" to oil that is the's the speculation on increased oil prices that is the issue causing the increased costs to the refiners; ie. the oil companies. face it, there is NO new technology available TODAY for use as a fuel source other than fossil fuels. Not even agri-fuels are nearly as efficient as oil. Besides, it takes nearly identical energy to produce 1 gal of ethanol. It's distilation costs nearly equals the price of the fuel, hence the need for subsidies to even keep ethanol afloat as an energy source.

Do your research nate...I think you will find this little lady dead on point.

Michael Yost
The Common Conservative

Melissa said...

Simply put, Nathaniel/Nathan/Nate, they aren't allowed to drill our oil. We might upset our oceans or ruin that piece of Alaskan wasteland known as ANWR, or some rich person's view from their overpriced beachfront property might be ruined by that oil rig three miles out in the ocean. Heaven forbid we go to nuclear energy! It'll be Chernobyl all over again! Wind energy might work when there is a breeze. Solar energy is not reliable when it's overcast. Coal is dirty and pollutes. Oil is dirty and pollutes! Ethanol, produces something everyone keeps overlooking, Volatile Organic Compounds, which contributes to smog, leaves an oily residue on plant life, and is believed to cause cancer when inhaled. Heaven forbid we burn manure, peat, or wood! Or harness anymore wild rivers to produce energy. Think of the poor snail darters and spotted owls! What is there left to work with for energy? Did I cover all the left's bases?

And, Thank you Mr.Yost. You put it quite well for Mr. Not so Grate Nate. I am honored by your response.

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