Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vero Possumus, calls to mind road kill

Latin for "Yes,we can" On Obama's Presidential Wannabe seal. Why do I find it hard to get past the possumus part? Why do I envision Road Kill every time I see it or hear it used?

Someone actually sat down, researched this little motto to translate it into Latin, obviously to look and sound important, Presidential even, since all our presidents go around sounding all scholarly by spouting Latin, a dead language, and completely missed the boat. Did they even use the say it out loud rule that you're supposed to use to test the viability of sentence structure and whether or not it made sense? Or in speech class, our professor always said "To make sure you don't sound too stupid."

Imagine Bob the Builder (for those of you who have little kids) singing his theme song like this"

Bob the builder!
Can we fix it?

Go ahead, say it out loud. Work for you? Me neither.

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