Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Knoxville man shoots church goers over Liberal Values

Knoxville is approximately two hours from here. I am listening to the Hallorin Hilton Hill Show and the longer I listen the more outraged I become. It feels like Conservatives are being put on trial here.

That man, Mr. Adkisson, does not represent conservatives as a whole. Being unable to find a job because the economy is slow doesn't make it right to grab a gun and kill people. It isn't a gay person's fault Mr. Adkisson couldn't find a job. It isn't liberals fault he couldn't find a job. If he couldn't find a job, and as true conservatives believe, the fault lies within the Mr. Adkisson, not the other way around. Murder is murder no matter what lame reason he gives.
Listening to conservative talk radio does not make its listeners criminals.

Owning books by Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck or Neal Boortz or Rush Limbaugh or any number of conservative big names does not make people criminals. It doesn't make us guilty of hate crimes. It doesn't make us want to kill people.

This is a matter of personal responsibility. He made the decision to kill people in a church because
1)They held liberal values (Universal Unitarians usually do)
2)They made a point of welcoming gays into their congregation. Jesus welcomed saints and sinners alike to his table, no one is refused until judgement. We're not judge, jury, and executioner, God and God alone is
3)He couldn't find a job.

Nothing gave him the right, the authority to take lives. It's a matter of personal responsibility. Mr. Adkissson alone is responsible for his own actions. conservatives should not be on trial here. Just Mr. Adkisson. It's that simple.

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