Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let Me Show You What Hatred Is

I've been hearing people talk about trying Mr. Adkisson for hate crimes against gays. Okay. Fine. Where's the hate crime charge for Reverend Wright for this

Is he not inciting hatred? Can he safely say he isn't encouraging some lunatic listening to his sermons to act on said lunatic's urges because of his pastor's words?

If conservative talk radio hosts can be blamed for the action of one nut job why can't people like Reverend Wright be blamed for encouraging continuing racism and continuing to compound the rifts between the races by calling us the US of KKK A or encouraging the use of God Damn America? Is that not what they're doing? Isn't this like the pot calling the kettle black? No racism intended in that last sentence, it's just a saying, or is someone offended by me using a 'saying'?

Enough already of this racism, feminism, politically correct nonsense and get down to the nitty gritty of the election. I don't want whiner in chief. I don't want politically correct in chief. I don't want offended in chief. I don't want feminist in chief. I want a COMMANDER in chief. Now, who's willing to fill that order?

Any takers?

Didn't think so.


Matthew said...

I must say, I've never seen the video and I was expecting something a little more "controversial"...so what if he says "God Damn America" by what reasoning should America automatically be blessed...if you paid a bit more attention to history, you would recognize that are hands are far from clean...we've committed horrible atrocities...in Vietnam, in Iraq, we've even supported dictators who have hijacked democratic elections...not to mention that the clothes that you and I wear are made from slave/child labor...

Granted, I don't think saying "God Damn America" will change any of this, but don't sit there and tell me we deserved to be blessed, if you truly believe that, then you have chosen to remain ignorant of the truth of our past.

Melissa said...

America IS blessed. Look at John Wayne's America, Why I love her, posted below, or at the beauty of the words in the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, The Constitution, or the Pledge of Allegiance.

I know my American History very well. I've lived the past 40 years of it. My grandfather has lived the last 94 years of it and all too clearly remembers the way things happened, not that feel good crap inside history books out there.

I know very well that the US has done things that weren't exactly 'kosher' during war times. I never said we were as pure as the driven snow. Nor have our enemies ever played fair. It's war. It doesn't make it right, but it is what it is. There are no referees, very few rules, and only the toughest/strongest survive.

What Reverend Wright is doing in that video, is driving the wedge deeper into the racial divide. If he wants equality, if he wants a peaceful America, then he should be doing what a pastor is supposed to do, preach the BIBLE, GOD'S WORD, not the Bible according to Jeremiah Wright. That is my problem with him and Otis Manning, and Reverend Pfleger and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan and countless others like them. If they don't like hatred and racism then they shouldn't be preaching it from a pulpit or screaming about inequalities from a loud speaker or at a podium where it just incites more hatred.

Unless you think it's okay for them to spew all the hatred they want but not okay if I have a problem with it? Then, my freind, you and I have a definate problem, because I have rights too adn I am not afraid to claim each and every last one of them whether you like it or not.

Melissa said...
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Matthew said...

It's not just about not doing things that are not 'kosher' during war time, the United States has repeatedly assisted murderous regimes in countries that we were not engaged in war in...Did you know that Ho Chi Minn was elected by an overwhelming majority in Vietnam by his own people in democratic elections, yet the US assisted and helped to put in power a dictator in his place...so much for spreading democracy, and I can cite you countless other examples. Now I believe that anyone can be forgiven and that blessings should come to every person on this earth, but the United States is not a person, it is a nation-state, and its interests derive from those in power and those who would seek to gain power...therefore, the only thing one can bless is the American people...but while we are blessing the American people why don't we bless those people that we are in conflict in (for very poor reasons if you look into it) and I don't see how we can bless someone and murder them at the same time...it's not our duty as American citizens to blindly go along with everything our nation does, simply because we were taught to be patriotic...read the works of our founding fathers again and then perhaps you will remember that this country is born from a revolution against tyranny...what IS patriotic is to use those rights given to you to keep your government in line, to keep it from killing innocent people, to help to to protect the poor, the disadvantaged, and the oppressed, which is what the Bible instructs all of us to do...compare the actions of the United States with the words it speaks and I think you'll find that none of it holds any weight..."Judge not lest ye be judged," (Guantanamo Bay) "Those that live by the sword will perish by it," (Pre-emptive War) "It is easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for them to enter heaven" (Oil Companies, Haliburton, etc)...

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