Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Hatred Take 2

In yesterday's posts, I stumbled across something that some of the libs out there have apparently forgotten about or maybe just hadn't seen or heard or maybe just think the people in the following links deserved. Some of these are being continually added to/updated:

City council candidate advocates assassinating Bush, sexually assaulting Bush daughters Yeah. No hatred there or intent to harm.

Classy Peacenik Spits on Veteran

No outrage over their torture Their fingers were chopped off and sent to their relatives.

No outrage here either Be sure to look at the interactive links and 'graphic' pictures under the fold in this article. Iraqi's didn't torture anyone, just some Americans, no one important.

Extreme Caution on the next link. It is graphic as it shows very plain torture of AMERICANS. Hell, NO ONE should be subjected to this no matter who they are or where they're from. Tell me how torture by putting panties on some one's head or scaring the bejesus out of them or even waterboarding is worse than anything displayed in the following links.

Again warning, this next link contains horrifyingly graphic footage of beheadings and torture of American citizens as well as citizens of different countries.

Graphic/Violent images in this link You have been warned.

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da patriot said...

The Left of course, is very good at serving up 'hater-salad' and accusing the Right of being the evil ones. Hypocrisy is no bar to them at all. The Left has always practiced the 'squeaky wheel' approach to politics. What ever it takes to get what they want, the end justifies the means. It is up to us to call them on it. Thank you for reminding me of these particular noteworthy points.

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