Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Brain Washed Masses

Or the Crayon Police. Depends on how you want to look at it.

This weekend is TAX FREE shopping for TN. It is the weekend before school starts back. It is the first of the month so everyone got their welfare checks yesterday. Everyone is out en force looking for the school supplies list and said supplies, right?

Every idiot who needs their thinking done for them was in the store today. I swear people are unable and or unwilling to think for themselves! Neal Boortz! Man you are correct on this one!

Here's my list of annoying brainwashed people for the day.

Woman one complaining bitterly about the lack of random drug testing for teachers, and subs and anyone else who works in the school system with the 'children', tenured or not. She has a valid point. Why aren't they tested randomly? The answer...protected by the Teacher's unions. So I casually suggest the teacher's unions should be done away with because they have too much influence over who teaches our children. Her reply "Oh no, we need teacher's unions, everyone needs a union to represent them so everything is fair! These people are given the responsibility of shaping my children's minds, teaching them right from wrong! They should be drug tested! We need more legislation!" (ie...more government) But don't look at her, she doesn't want to try to get the 'legislation' in progress. Someone else who knows what they're doing should do it for her.

Why is the school system responsible for shaping her children's minds? What are her responsibilities the other 16 hours of the day? Okay, okay, 8 hours for sleep, but there are another 8 hours unaccounted for there. Wonder what dear ol' mom is doing during those hours?

I'll also add, she was mortified to learn my children are home schooled. It just isn't' right, they need to be socialized!

Woman number two looking for crayons. List says specifically 24 count CRAYOLA crayons. Well, we're sold out of the 24 count boxes and the 12 count boxes and the 48 count and the 64 count. Our Crayola crayons are on sale dirt cheap so they're gone...surprised? Anyway, we still have Rose Art crayons in the 24 count size and every other size for that matter because they cost more as they're not on sale. She looks at me and asks, "Do you think they will allow my daughter to use Rose Art crayons instead of Crayola?"

I looked at her, I'm sure, like she'd sprouted another arm. I asked "I don't think they pay attention really."

The woman continues "But it says she needs 24 Crayola crayons, and you're out, so is Wal Mart, what am I going to do?"

I reply "You know ma'am, I don't think they're going to play crayon police and say she must have crayola crayons or flunk the course."

She smiled, nodded, and put 4 boxes of crayons in her basket. My co-worker looked at me like I'd taken leave of my senses.

Woman number 3, asks "What is the difference in a Five Star single subject notebook and this generic single subject notebook?"

I helpfully answer "Price."

She asks "So why are they asking for the more expensive notebook?"

"I couldn't tell you. I don't work for them."

She ponders that for a moment, then asks "Do you think it makes a difference which notebook my son uses?"

I shrug and say "They're both notebook paper. One's as good as the other. Frankly I like to keep as much of my own money as possible so I'd just get the generic."

She ponders on that for a minute then continues "Wonder why he needs twelve of these notebooks AND 6 packages of 250 count notebook paper?"

Same co-worker is standing there with his jaw hanging down. I'm not sure if he was shocked at my attitude or the sheer ignorance of the woman?

At this point, I say "So his teacher can take it all up at the beginning of the school year, store it, and hand it out to whichever student needs it even if that student didn't contribute to the stash of supplies." (good old fashioned wealth redistribution!)

A parent standing nearby is nodding in agreement and adds "Yup, I sub for the school system here. The teachers don't even use half of what they collect. They throw it away at the end of the year!"

Woman number three's eyes widened "I'm not buying supplies for the whole class!"

I calmly suggest "Then buy what you know he needs, in the price range you can afford, if the teacher has a problem with that tell her to go buy it herself."

Man number 1 asks "What is the difference in a jump drive, thumb drive, and flash drive?"

"Nothing, they're the same thing. Different people use different terms for them."

He thinks for a minute, looking at the display of USB Drives and adds "But these all say USB drives."

I nod "They're also called that."

He stomps away saying "I don't think you know what you're talking about!"

Man number 2 "What is the difference in poly folders and this paper folder?"

Me: "One is plastic the other isn't?"

"Okay, so why does the poly folder cost more?"

Me: "Because it's plastic? Paper is cheaper to produce."

"So why buy the plastic one?"

Me: "It lasts longer."

And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Good Grief!

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