Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tennessee Elections Night

But first, here's a little tidbit for you:

People are getting tired of Obama

I have to agree, and not because I don't like the man. It's one thing to be behind a Presidential wannabe, but 24/7 coverage is just a bit of overkill.

And now, on to the elections in Tennessee tonight.

It's no great secret that TN leans Republican, despite the fact we have a Democrat Governor. However with all the talk about how this is going to be the Democrats year! That it's going to be wholesale slaughter of the Republican party, and so forth, you would think that Republican heads would be rolling as people 'take back' their government by casting a vote for change, well, in Knox County (because I can't get logged into the State Wide site yet),it just isn't happening. If anything very little changed. However, it does look like the Democrats who challenged Republican seats were pretty much turned back by voters. To me, that's an indication of voters saying, we aren't interested in your kind of change.

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