Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Want to get rid of terrorists? Cut their feet out from under them.

Drill here, drill now, pay less.

I know it won't happen tomorrow or even next week or next year, but at some point we have to stop paying other countries for energy resources we have HERE, in the United States.

We have oil.

We have oil shale.

It's expensive to get to, to develop, even difficult to obtain permits for exploration and drilling no thanks to the environazis who want to do the equivalent of tying themselves to trees, except in a more expensive fashion...tie it up in court.

Are you reading that headline? Really Reading it? As much as two TRILLION barrels of oil in the oil shale deposits here in the US. TWO TRILLION!

But we can't have it.

Thank your Democratic leadership for making it impossible to develop this resource leaving us at the mercy of foreign thugs. The following sites are trying to garner the support for the Republicans who have decided to work through their August break in favor or trying to engage the Democrats in returning to work to find an energy policy acceptable to the people who count... UNITED STATES CITIZENS, the people who put them in office. The people who should take the non-workers back out of office in November. Hand them their pink slips. No work. No job. That's how all the rest of us who have jobs operate.

Tech Republican and Slate Card Are trying to work with the following sites to get support going for the Republicans still there and to light a fire under the Democrats.

Call Back Congress Focuses on House Deemocrats, specifically, Nancy Pelosi.

Go To Work Congress Focuses on supporting GOP members fighting the fight.

Don't Go Movement Focuses on news coming down out of the house.

Before you make a comment here in Democrat favor ask yourself why they want you to pay over $4 a gallon for gas from a terrorist nation instead of investing in old fashioned American Independence, new, good paying jobs, and a robust economy?

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