Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama tripping the light fantastic...or just plain tripping on something

Ethnic Activist apparently is defined as: helping the impoverished black community wring more money and services from the government. That government money was wrecking the morals of the housing-project residents seems obvious from his book, but Obama never comes out and says it.

Obama's Identity Crisis Think you're confused? Obama doesn't know what he believes in or stands for or where he belongs either.

Hat tip to Obama Files and The American Conservative

I was deeply disturbed today while listening to the drivel coming out of Obama's mouth in Germany. Does that man know anything about history? Does he not know he isn't President and if he continues to talk like that about his own country that he will never become president? Ask the Dixie Chickens what happens to your popularity when your rip your country in front of a foreign country.

He said he wants to remake the world? Into what? He apologized for America torturing people? In Germany. Like Germans never tortured anyone. Or Iran or Iraq or any middle Eastern country. He wants us to again stand as one against our enemies.

For one, if we're all standing as one against our enemies, where did those enemies come from? Outer space? And two, if we're all standing as one, the liberal utopia, then there are no enemies, no need for weapons, no need for a show of force of any kind. So, Mister Wannabe President, what exactly are we standing as one against?

The world has never stood as one against anything. Ever. Just which history book did he learn about the world coming together as one against some enemy? Maybe he thought we stood as one when those aliens flew in on huge space ships and started kidnapping humans, you know, on Independence Day with Will Smith leading the way to victory? Err, hello Mister Wannabe President? That was a movie. No one on this earth has ever stood together as one to defeat anything. Not aliens. Not religious cults. Not racism. Not torture. Not dictators. Nada.

The only thing the rest of the world has ever wanted is to see America become sissified like they are. Never mind America rescued their asses in World Wars 1 and 2then went to the trouble of helping them rebuild. If any country in this world has had any kind of unification influence on other countries it would be the United States. We stepped across the line to help our allies out. We sent our money, supplies, food, and expertise into hurting countries that were embattled/impoverished/decimated by natural forces to help them out. And all they want to do is bite the hand that fed them. Maybe we should let them fall and fall hard a time or two then see what they think of us.

Digressing. . .

Mr. Obama, you sir, are not a citizen of the world. You are an American citizen. You don't owe Europe anything on my behalf. I don't apologize to people who hate me for being what I am, a simple country girl who only wants to live her life the best way she can. That's what I want for my children too. If someone wants to hate me for having something I have or something I do or something I believe in, that's their problem. It takes a lot of energy to hate. Energy I don't have.

To say you're a citizen of the world is insulting to those who want to vote for you, because they're AMERICAN citizens too. You're not being elected by the world. You are not a god.

You're an American citizen who happens to want to be president. Fine. Let them hate you. This isn't a high school popularity contest. It's real life. You don't get do overs. You don't get to pass go and collect $200. You are in this not only for your own best interest, but the best interest of your country. So far it looks like America's best interest is the last thing on your mind.

And I hope like hell, America wakes up and hands you your ass on a silver platter on election day.

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