Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dr. Fatima Ali's Race War

Click the subject line for the follow up article she wrote to the one I'm linking here: We Need Obama

Dr. Ali was on the Triple H morning talk show as I drove to work. I cannot believe what I heard. If anyone in this country is inciting a race war it's the self proclaimed messiah Obama and his cronies, including Dr. Ali, playing the race card by guilting white Americans into voting for him or be considered racist.

She declared Sarah Palin as low class, uneducated, and unqualified, then turned around to talk about her own 'elite' (her own word) lifestyle as though that were the 'correct and proper' qualifications for vice president.

Look at the job description post below this one then tell me again HOW unqualified Sarah Palin is.

Dr. Ali continue to talk about how Obama's election would mean more aspirations of the average American to become educated and maybe even aspire to become President. I'm all for education. It's why my kids are in a private christian education co-op program instead of public schools. They're learning something!

Why is it not okay for Sarah Palin to aspire to be Vice President? Is she not included in the masses Dr. Ali would like to see inspired? What about my kids and their children in this particular 'school'? Are they disqualified from becoming president because they didn't attend 'public' school? How about someone who drops out of school and only has a G.E.D? Are they disqualified? Define this 'become educated' idea Ms. Ali.

Side note, Ms. Ali, attending public school, is mandatory in the United States otherwise parents end up in trouble with the 'truancy' officers. Some states just enforce it more than others.

Sarah Palin has a degree in Journalism. Seems like that's a college education to me. You know, I could be wrong. After all, I'm in that same low class, stay at home, home school/co-op education mom, white trash box the liberals are suddenly very interested in shoving us into. I do have a college degree. We have a small farm, 60 acres. Am I qualified for any kind of elected public service, Ms. Ali? Or are elected public service positions open only to those who have huge stock portfolios/bank accounts, an Ivy League education, and vote Democrat?

I don't want to vote for John McCain, but I will simply because I hope Sarah Palin ends up in the office. We could do a lot worse than Ms. Palin, but I will tell you now, there is nothing that makes me think electing Barack Obama, a Marxist socialist, would make the United States any better than putting a woman in there who at least knows which end of the gun to point at a terrorist.

I also can't help but wonder how you feel about Angela Merkel, Germany's first female Chancellor since she's a Christian, daughter of a Lutheran pastor, and listed as number one in Forbes 100 most powerful women 2007? She's also clearly pro-American.

Look at that, A powerful female Christian, foreign leader who's pro-American.

How about Margaret Thatcher? Britain's first female Prime Minister, daughter of a GROCER!

Why is it so difficult to believe that a woman who comes from nowhere can go on to become a world leader?

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livinglegend said...

Ms. Ali is a Clown and the Liberal Socailist media is singing the same song. I love your blog and if you would like me to add your blog to my bloglist send me a e-mail.

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