Friday, November 21, 2008

It's *MY* Opinion

My two week break is over.

I've watched Obama's people try to try to prepare people for his version of government to get them to "lower" their expectations. Why should they? Surely he didn't make promises out both sides of his mouth that he can't possibly keep?

I've seen this before. I was only a kid, literally a kid. A third grader to be exact. Socialist/liberal "Progressive" democrat sweeps into office only to head us straight into disaster.

And blame it on the previous administration.

It took two years of a democrat controlled congress and senate to derail the economy. Only two years. And the general American populace hasn't a clue who controls the senate and congress. They think it's the republicans.

Let the democrats have the congress, the senate, the presidency, and let's just see what happens. How hard will our economy crash then? I give it less than two years. Possibly less than six months before we find out for certain.

And off on another train of thought.

I have never been a follow the crowd kind of girl. I was raised to not care what other people thought of me. Think for yourself, take care of yourself, because no one else will. There's no such thing as a free lunch. In a way that's true. Even if the government thinks that by handling my health care, my retirement, my...whatever that it is taking care of me, protecting me, looking out for my best interests, it isn't. Those who make up the governing body of the United States largely looks out for themselves only. They're only concerned with keeping their jobs and if that means they have to kiss some mighty disgusting backsides to do it, so be it.

I don't understand all the hoopla over American Idol or Dancing With The Stars. Why would I care if someone can or can't sing or act or dance? I'm not caught up in 'star power' or idol worship of the rich and famous. I tried to watch American Idol, and found myself yawning. What gives Paula Abdul the absolute authority to declare someone a star or failure? She's a washed out has been. I remember when she was just a cheerleader pretending to be a singer dancer. The only song of hers I remember is Cold Hearted, mostly because my aerobics instructor at the YMCA used it as a warm up routine for aerobics class way back when . I'm sure there were others, but yeah, they were so memorable.

I don't even know who the 'Dancing' judges are. Don't particularly care either.

Though, to watch people and listen to them talk about these television shows, you'd think their lives hung in the balance and doomed are those who missed the last episode!

It calls to mind the term "The Chattering Classes" which I personally define as those who are so shallow that they think the world revolves around their own personal opinions on everything from social issues, politics, and cultural events. Allegedly these people are educated, though I've not seen any direct evidence of their education of late...

I also understand there is a difference in having a book education with college degree and having actual common sense.

I realize that I am a member of the chattering class, as I give my opinion here. However, I don't give any pretense that anything I say will have any kind of direct influence on anything or anyone around me except, maybe, some astonishment that I would say such things or a certain degree of shame for being associated with someone who has such thoughts and ideas. I do, however, claim to have a certain degree of common sense and a healthy dose of self worth.

That said, I have no intention of giving up blogging, nor do I intend to back off my opinions of Barack Obama's policies. And it is his policies that I oppose, not the man himself.

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